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* Fernanda Brandao SIZZLING HOT pictures for FHM Magazine (Germany) July
edition - 1 messages, 1 author
* Another set of Michelle Hunziker HOT Bikini Candids At The Beach In
Formentera - 1 messages, 1 author
* Heather Kennett forced to resign from Eastern Courier following child
bullying stint - 1 messages, 1 author


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Date: Fri, Jul 1 2011 5:54 pm
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TOPIC: Fernanda Brandao SIZZLING HOT pictures for FHM Magazine (Germany) July

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Date: Sat, Jul 2 2011 1:02 pm
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TOPIC: Another set of Michelle Hunziker HOT Bikini Candids At The Beach In

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Date: Sat, Jul 2 2011 1:02 pm
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TOPIC: Heather Kennett forced to resign from Eastern Courier following child
bullying stint

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Date: Sat, Jul 2 2011 10:20 pm

She's 50, lost her job, house, and a vital court case; but is Heather
Kennett about to lose a lot more if a suppression is lifted from the
court case she's lost, which involves allegations Heather Kennett
cyber bullied Jeremy Shum, Lachlan Clyne and Julian Carbone? Published
on is a "cherish and relish" article outlining key

1) Forced resignation from Heather Kennett, accomplished as of June
29, 2011. A person can only take so much social pressure, and clearly
over the past 7 months (which Heather Kennett had to wait out in order
to make it seem like her resignation had nothing to do with this
saga), Heather has had a long reflection, and is now admitting guilt.
In what has got to be an unprecedented event, News Corp has either
booted Heather Kennett, or Heather Kennett has resigned.

2) Demolishment of Heather Kenentt's property on 343 Fullarton Rd,
Parkside SA 5063. To live next to the remnants of such a sick and
conniving child predator would be against the principles of any modern
community. It is a landslide victory that her property has been
demolished. Interested in buying cheap land? Her house should be up
for auction very soon, as our friends boycott all developers that help
her build her property - And without a building, her house is worth
"dirt" (excuse the pun).

3) Search for "Heather Kennett" on any search engine and you'll notice
an embarassing list of petitions, news sites, blogs, and forum posts,
which expose Heather Kennett for who she really is: a complete and
unequivocal sociopath. If you for a second doubt Heather Kennett's
(lack of) morals, integrity and reputation, let us remind you of the
grossly unfair tarnish she made of Jeremy Shum's character, filled
with Kennett's rumors, deliberate misinformation, exaggeration,
misleading half-truths, fact manipulation. What is quite entertaining
is despite Heather Kennett tried to defame Jeremy Shum, instead of
succeeding, she has made herself a public relations nightmare.

4) Heather Kennett being told by the court that our exposure of her as
a cyber bully can't be removed as its political communication. Heather
Kennett took our bait, and started legal action to try to suppress
free speech. The court didn't view kindly to this, and though struck
out several articles as being defamatory (which were removed by
contacting the webhosts who refused to remove it, then subsequently
the search engines to remove it from their results), actually said
"this other stuff is actually allowed under freedom of political
communication". As such, Heather Kennett will have to appeal to a
higher court (High Court of Australia) to repeal this decision, in
what would be a really expensive application. This is not to bring up
the amount of time and money Heather Kennett has had to spend on
lawyers already. Quid quo pro for Heather Kennett's bullying of

So what's next? Continue the fight until News Corp removes all
defamatory content from their WhereILive website. This will include
doing what's been accomplished with Heather Kennett to Shannon Caton,
Chantelle Kroehn, Matt Deighton, and all subsequent editors (and
senior editors) until all defamatory content is removed (at least from
their website, if not others, including blogs, petitions, Wordpress,
Digg). You can help out by boycotting the following "pressure points":

- Heather Marie Kennett of 343 Fullarton Rd, Parkside SA 5063: Heather
Kennett is behind the cyber bullying of Jeremy Shum, which spans since
November 9, 2010 @ 7:55am.

- Robert Lindsay Kennett (aka "Rob Kennett) of 372 Glynburn Rd,
Kensington Gardens SA 5068: Robert Kennett is a lawyer at Kelly & Co
Lawyers, who along with the help of Peter Campbell is defending the
filthy Heather Kennett. Rob Kennett is married to Perri Estelle
Kennett. Surprise surprise Heather Kennett and Sarah Garvis have tried
to give Peter Campbell (Kelly & Co Lawyers) free publicity in the
Eastern Courier. How about a complaint to the Legal Professional
Conduct board regarding Peter Campbell? Heather Kennett, in being able
to hire a family member, has dramatically reduced her legal costs, in
a highly unethical manner. Please make Heather Kennett pay the full
legal cost!

- Shannon Jane Caton of 27 Gloucester St, Prospect SA 5082: Shannon
Caton is an editor of Eastern Courier, and is jointly liable for not
preventing cyber harassment of Jeremy Shum [by Heather Kennett]. is
married to Thomas Caton. Shannon Caton is directly responsible for the
publication, only seconded to Heather Kennett the writer herself.

- Chantelle Jayne Kroehn of 3 Fraser La, Mawson Lakes SA 5095:
Chantelle Kroehn is an editor of Eastern Courier, and is jointly
liable for not preventing cyber harassment of Jeremy Shum [by Heather
Kennett]. Chantelle Kroehn is directly responsible for the
publication, only seconded to Heather Kennett the writer herself.

- Matt Deighton: Further information needs to be obtained. Matt
Deighton is the chief editor of Eastern Courier, and is jointly liable
for not preventing cyber harassment of Jeremy Shum [by Heather
Kennett]. Matt Deighton is directly responsible for the publication,
only seconded to Heather Kennett, and the above listed direct editors.

- Sarah Jean Garvis of 57 Kym St, Port Noarlunga SA 5167: We have been
advised Sarah Garvis may have had involvement in the Jeremy Shum
smear, and is "good friends" with Kelly & Co's Peter Campbell. Sarah
Garvis has family members Deborah Garvis, Steven Garvis, Kathryn
Josephine Garvis.

- Lisa Denise Bachmayer of 14 Lakeside Ct, Tennyson SA 5022: Lisa
Bachmayer may have co-wrote articles defaming Jeremy Shum. It is
unsure, but she quit shortly after allegations were raised, so it's
hard to tell. Lisa Bachmayer has family members Adam John Bachmayer,
Denise Bachmayer, James Walter Bachmayer.

- Greg Barich does not reside in South Australia: Greg Barich is the
digital editor of Eastern Courier, and is assumed an accessory to the
cyber harassment of Jeremy Shum [by not putting pressure on Heather
Kennett]. Though he may not have direct control, he is encouraged to
"simply delete" all defamatory content about Jeremy Shum.


On June 20, pages of forensic evidence of Heather Marie Kennett of
Parkside cyber bullying Jeremy Shum and other Burnside candidates was
publicly leaked on 4chan. We are proud to announce that as of June 29,
less than 10 days after the material was published, public opinion has
caused Heather Kennett to tender her resignation from Eastern Courier
Messenger. Sarah Garvis and Daniel Frangos will be taking over as full-
time journalists. This is an landslide victory, which we should
cherish and relish. Thank you parents, local residents and neighboring
businesses to get rid of a dirty, filthy child predator from the lush
suburbs of Burnside.

- 50-year-old Heather Kennett has been exposed as a cyber bully, using
Google Group, Petition and Wordpress to narcissisticly attack others;
despite writing newspaper articles in the "Don't hurt" campaign of
Eastern Courier rebuking cyber harassment

- Heather Kennett (and Lisa Bachmayer, Shannon Caton, Chantelle
Kroehn, Alice Higgins) has used the internet to attack Lachlan Clyne,
Julian Carbone, Rick Powers, Jane Howard, Robert Paterson, Peter
Pavan, Con Zacharakis, David Lincoln

- There is an attempt to boycott companies who are helping to build
Heather Kennett's Fullarton Rd property

- Heather Kennett has been asked by Eastern Courier to leave following
her cyber bullying stint, but as she has been doing it from internet
cafes, McDonalds internet, Internode wifi, and the Tor network, it is
untraceable. We have been told Murdoch will be kicking out the filthy
rotten ugly kiddie predator

- Heather Kennett is using Kelly & Co Lawyers (Lachlan Andrews, David
Bache, Peter Campbell, David Colovic, Andrew Corletto, Luke Dale,
Michael Durrant, Belinda Grant, Jacqueline Ion, David Jenkin, Rob
Kennett, Andrew O'Halloran, Stuart Price, Clare Raimondo, Jamie
Restas, Marc Romaldi, Fiona Steffensen, Kenton Steicke, Garry Winter)
to protect her sick schemes, including Rob Kennett, her brother

- Heather Kennett is fighting allegations she "used paycheck
journalism", is a "white supremist", "accepted (sexual) bribes from
MBA drop out Ron Greens", is "psychopathic narcissistic". She is not
arguing items that are true, including that she was molsted by her

- Heather Kennett mistated fact by stating Jeremy Shum was an MD of a
US-based firm, when in fact he was a former Partner at P&Y Partners
Chartered Accountants (ABN 54 039 845 328), an Aussie company. She did
this as she was bribed by Ron Green, to attack political enemy Jeremy

- Heather Kennett is anti-Christian, anti-man, and of course a kiddie

- Heather Kennett is arguing "I was not abusive" in letters and visits
to Jeremy Shum, because Jeremy was "technically" 20 (above age of

- Heather Kennett has admitted to sending letters to Jeremy, visiting
his Burnside property, and being asked by Police to stop stalking Mr.

Possibly the largest list of accomplices in all of case law, Heather
Kennett has used, and their actions tabled:

- Ron Green, who has been helping Heather Kennett send emails to cyber
bully Jeremy Shum. Ronald Green failed to be elected as Mayor of
Burnside (2008), then again as councilor (2010), a fat selfish reject.
He failed to complete his University of Adelaide MBA

- Alex Twomey (the media spin king), Ian Kerr (the inactive
chairperson of POAAL), Marie McGrath-Kerr (mother of Ian Kerr who
finances her husband's travels overseas with POAAL money), Robert
Chizzoniti (POAAL boardmember) who have tried to harass Juen Phie
(accountant of Angela Cramp) by posting material to make Juen Phie
seem fraudulent, and harassing Juen's family (wife Catherine Chu aka
Nyuk Fung Chu, mother-in-law Moi Moi, father-in-law Hock Keng, sister-
in-law Nyuk Ying Chu, brother-in-law Kuan Teoh, mother Swie Hong,
brother Swai Phie, brother Wu Phie, sister Chai Phie). Heather
Kennett's involvement in this is obvious, saying Juen Phie "says he's"
ABC and DEF. Heather Kennett planted to oust both Juen Phie, as well
as Johnny Yung (Founding Partner of Corporate Communications @ P&Y)
and Jeremy Shum (Partner of Corporate Strategy, Business Development
and Technology Group) at P&Y (a chartered accounting firm). This also
involved Auspost alerting the AFP of one of Angela Cramp's PO's to
make her seem like she did something wrong - this is how far Heather
Kennett has tried to go. She has even tried to attack David Sen
Chartered Accountants, the parent company of P&Y

- Mathemagic (now Maths Worldwide) who ripped off parents $5k for a
piece of useless software before shutting down, who owes debts of more
than $4.3bn, using the internet to defame Jeremy Shum. This includes
Gary Rosenberg (CEO), Grant Thornton's fatboy Paul Billingham, and
David Newman (Maddocks lawyers)

- Andrew Parfitt and Gerry Griffin, who with Peter Hoj, has tried to
smear Jeremy Shum in the Eastern Courier messenger. This includes
using puppet Andrew Downing, and the corrupt ISTS department at UniSA,
who is responsible for much of the anti-Jeremy Shum smear. Andrew
Parfitt is using big lawfirm Minter Ellison from your taxpayer purse
to fund his escapade. This is the same Andrew Downing who was ousted
by the South Aussie ombudsman for losing the work of Matthew Wilson 3
times in a row. Andrew Downing is the guy behind smearing and kicking
out Prof Andrew Nafalski, John Thomas, Maureen Dollard. Funny how
"teachers" like Andrew Parfitt, Gerry Griffin, Andrew Downing, Stewart
von Itzstein, and Lee White, are posting unlawful content about their
STUDENTS. There's also the strange case of Christian Sandor, a total
psychopath, who has been launching DoS on Jeremy Shum web sites. Funny
how teachers like Christian Sandor are attacking young folk like
Jeremy. Has Mr. Sandor any principles?

- Rosemary Owens, who is coordinating the anti-Jeremy Shum efforts at
University of Adelaide. Rosemary Owens, despite being a lawyer
herself, is using Johnson Winter & Slattery lawyers, funded by your
tax dollars. Rosemary Owens recently resigned as HoS at Adelaide Uni
after allegations of corruption were alleviated, in particular,
smearing students to David Meyer (Lynch Meyer), manager of
Professional Ethics at LSSA. Rosemary Owens has uncontrollable rage,
screaming at editor of Hilarian just because the editor ranked the
Adelaide Uni courses. She has tried to gather smear from such sources
that would cooperate, which include Antonio Dottore, Caroline Plewa,
Celine McInerney, Fred McDougall, James McWha, Clem Macintyre
(Mcintyre?), Anne Hewitt, Susan Bartie, Ngaire Naffine, Bernadette
Richards, Laura Grenfell, Judith Gardham. Let's not forget using
Virginia Deegan (whose son Joshua Deegan was bomblasted), of Adelaide
Uni ITS, who has leaked confidential information about Jeremy Shum

- Don Owers and Stephen Spence at Tabor Adelaide, who since 2007 have
been writing theological articles of the far left. Don Owers won an
Order of Australia medal for dobbing in fellow Anglican priests who
were child molesters to the Police. We're all aware of the
backstabbing Don Owers did against his predecessors. Stephen Spence
holds a Degree in Computing.

- Andrew Rowland (aka Rowly), who with Adrian Dennien, have been
smearing Jeremy Shum throughout Adelaide HR firms. Andrew Rowland is a
consultant with Talent2, after years of being Worship Pastor at
Paradise Community Church. Despite having past experience in church,
Andrew Rowland claims to have "extensive experience" in new business
development. He is accused of doing Michael Guglielmucci-style fraud

- Ben Cuthbertson, former marketing manager at triple M, who following
media, shifted into church work (because of all the people he'd
backstabbed). There seems to be some connection with him, and Chelsea
Lake. Chelsea Lake (of Victor Harbor Baptist Church) is the overweight
psycho, who has been using Digg and other sites to harass Jeremy Shum

- Aldo Fusco, who is famous for spreading rumors throughout Life
Christian Center regarding an alleged sexual misconduct with his
daughter Christina Fusco, and physical harassment by Anthony Fusco and
David Cardillo that followed. He has been accused of links with
Italian mafia, and psychological harassment of Mr Shum. Then there's
the case of Katerina Kontakas (a teacher) who has been made a
Wordpress article (anonymously) calling Jeremy Shum a "loser". The
Betania Christian Center gang include: Virginia Fusco, Joe Leone, Lena
Leone, Dennis Slape, Chrissie Slape, Ruben Rivis, Lidia Rivis, Joseph
Leone, Tania Leone, Con Iengo, Maria Iengo, Luke Marroco, Christopher
Fusco, Red Loan Solutions, Katerina Fusco, Joe Leone, Dennis Slape,
Barry Chant, Ruben Rivis

- Geoff Lin (AFES, ES Adelaide, Holy Trinity Anglican) who has been
posting anti-Jeremy Shum content. Mr. Lin holds a Degree in Law from
Sydney University, though does not hold a legal practise certificate,
and has been accused of taking advantage of tax-free status of
religious organizations, cheating on tax. It was overheard that Geoff
Lin said he could send his kids to a private Anglican church for "50%
of the cost". His church generates $3m tax-free. His church gang
include: Susan Harris, Andrew Jackson, Geoff Keen, Ellis Saxon, David
Schultz, Peter Smith, Ian Bartlett, Brett Cowell, Paul Harrington,
Chris Jolliffe, David Smith, Craig Broman, Geoff Lin, Arthur Ang,
Lochy Cupit, James Harricks, Emily Just, Caroline Litchfield, Joanne
Lock, Claire O'Neill, Barb Page, Mark Peterson, Jill Phillips, David
Brown, Matt Lehmann, Mike Roe, Cameron Munro, Clayton Fopp, Anne
Eckermann, John Warner, David Broxholme, Marina Maddock, Faith
Tennant, Andrew Cole

- Jason Hoet (Unley Park Baptist, BCSA), who despite holding a Masters
in Theology (on top of a Bachelors in Engineering), has used the tax-
free status conferred by the government, and seems to be spreading
malicious rumors about Jeremy Shum to churches in Adelaide

- Mark Peterson, who is using Google Groups to post unlawful content
about Jeremy Shum. Mark peterson is most famous for generating money
through his CD sales, which are tax-free because it is "religious".
The Anglican church is so irrelevant they have had to use singers like
Mark Peterson to regain publicity

- Reuben Salagaras (St Matts Kensington Anglican), who since 2006 has
been using Google Groups to harass Jeremy Shum. Failing to get a job
after studying law/engineering, he went on to study theology. Reuben
Salagaras gang at St Matts includes: Susan McLeod, David Bassett, John
Miller, Ben Woodd, Greg Lock, Sam Bleby, Sum Lock, Pip Cooper, Lisa
Kemp, Fiona Crocket, Wilma Taylor, Heidi Rangai, Caroline Wicks,
Yvonne Potter, Owen Lewis, Mary Lewis, Maggie Crewes, Frances Cook,
Tab Aylen

- Miriam Telfer, nurse from St Matts Anglican, who has posted sexual
content about Jeremy Shum, including saying he was slovenly and
prostitute like. Miriam Telfer is a small group leader at Adelaide
University, nursing student at Adelaide University. Funny how she's a
nurse, but despite that, she is posting unlawful content about Jeremy
Shum online. Miriam Telfer gang include: Jordan Telfer, Luke Telfer,
Karla Telfer, Malvern Lyn Telfer, Isaac Telfer, Sam Telfer, Josephine
Telfer, Josh Telfer, Mike Telfer, Simeon Telfer, Esther Telfer, Rachel
Telfer, Amy Telfer, Jonathan Telfer

Help to boycott Heather Kennett: 3D FM, 891 ABC Adelaide, ABC, ABC,
Accent on Beauty skin care in Hawthorne, ACCU, Acquired Home Loans,
Adam Teague, Adelaide Airport T1, Adelaide Art Directors Club,
Adelaide Central Gallery, Adelaide Central Plaza, Adelaide City
General Practice Dr Jill Maxwell and Dr Michael Lam, Adelaide Digital
Hearing Solutions, Adelaide Digital Solutions simon, Adelaide Festival
Centre, Adelaide Laser Hair Clinic, Adelaide Matters, Adelaide Oval,
Adelaide Psychic Expo at Burnside ballroom, Adelaide Zoo, Adriana
Christopoulos, Alex Buckby, Alex Lefty, Alex McGregor-Reid, Alice
Higgins, Alice Kao, Alison Cooledeg, Amanda Grocock, Amelia Ricci, AMI
Australia, Amity Dry, Andrada Tudor, Andrea Thompson, Andrew Andrews,
Andrew Bateman, Andrew Faulkner, Andrew Hillier, Andrew Koukourou,
Andrew Stevens, Andrew Watherston, Animal Welfare League, Anne Irving,
Anne Strong, Annesley college, Ann-Maree Szuster, Anthony Lapidge,
Anthony Pocock, April Mann, Arkaba Cellars, Arkaba hotel, Art Theatre,
Artland Clovelly Park, Artspace Gallery, Athletes Foot, Australian
Junior Chamber of Commerce, Australian Refugee Association, AWA,
Barbara Erichsdotter, Barber & Walker of Oriental Hotel, Barossa
Valley, Beachpool on Greenhill Rd, Beaumont, Belinda Coyte, Ben Craib,
Ben Pike, Beulah Park, Billy Baxters Coffee House Mitcham, Blink
Optical at Unley, Bob Brown, Bob Schnell, Booze Brothers on Unley Rd,
Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Brendan Fitzgerald, Brenton March,
Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club, Brock Harcourts Platinum, Bronze
Bodies, Bronze Bodies in The Parade, Bruce Mills, Burgess Jewellers,
Burns for Blinds at Norwood and Gepps X, Burnside, Burnside Lions,
Burnside Probus, Burnside Retirement Village, Burnside Village on
Portrush Road Glenside, Burnside War Memorial Hospital, Cafe 457 in
Leabrook Shopping center, Cameron Borgas, Cancer Council Shop/Cancer
Council SA on Westfield marion, Capri Theatre,, Carl
Schapel, Carlo Dottore , Carlo Dottore of NP&SP, Carnegie Mellon
University, Carrick Hill Drive, Carrick Hills, Centro Colonnades,
Centro Colonnades, Centro Hollywood, Centro Kurralta, Centro Newton,
Centro Properties Group, Century 21 central, Channel Nine, Channel
Seven, Chantelle De Rooy, Chantelle Kroehn, Chantelle Kroehn, Chelsea
Cinema, Chelsea Cinema, Chelsea Cinema, Chloe Kennedy, Chris Adcock,
Chris Collins, Chris Lambie, Chris Russell of ECSA, Christian Yeo,
Christina Papageorgiou, Christine Jankus, Christopher Gellie,
Christopher Heysen, City North Messenger, City of Burnside, City of
Marion, City of Tea Tree Gully, Cleland Wildlife Park Mount Lofty
Summit, Cocksauld Real estate, Colin Campbell, Colonel Light Gardens,
Con Zacharakis, Connie Granozio, Continence Foundation of Australia SA
Branch's Fiona Roney, Cookerburra Oven Cleaning, Core Physiotherapy &
Palates studio in Clarence Gardens, Corrine Habel, CPA Australia,
Craig Parsonage, Creston Magasdi, Daniel Canny, Daniel Oung, Daniel
Wardleworth, Danni Dzido, Darrin Foster, David Clarkson, David Hope,
David Jean, David Jimenez, David Lincoln, David Munro, David Parkin,
David Winderlich, David Winderlich, Davina Quirke, Deb Blucher,
Demelza Toh, Demi Lovato, Denise Tipper, Detour Travel, Dianne
Wilkins, Don Palmer, Dorothy Monceaux, Dot Sjoberg, Doug Aylen,
Douglas Dickie, Duane Edwards, Dunstan Playhouse, DVR Construction,
East Torrens, East Waste, Eastside Business Enterprise Centre,
Eastwood Community Centre, EB Games, Ecoplus in Torrensville Henley
Beach, Elaine Grimm, Elder Hall, Electrical Refrigeration services,
Elizabeth Shopping Centre, Engineers Australia, Equip RMP Newsagency,
Ernst Kirsten, Evonne Moore, Eynesbury Senior College on Franklin
street, Fairview Green Shopping Center, FCUK, Felicity Lord, Firle
Plaza, Flinders Street Baptist Church, Flinders University, Flinders
University City Gallery, Forresters & Squatters Arms Hotel, Forte
Music, Forte Music, Fowlers Live, Francis Wong, Frank Lyman, FreshFM,
Friends of Botanic Gardens, Fullarton, Gail Gago of the Australian
Labor Party, Gail Hislop, Garry Knoblauch, Gary Mickan, Gawler Place,
Geoff Bade, Geoff Longley, Geoff Vogt, Geoffrey Rundle, George Hobbs,
George Howard, Georgia Todd, Gerry Shaw, Glen Spear, Glenelg Guardian,
Glenunga High, Go Gecko, Golden Grove, Golden Grove Village, Goodwood,
Goodwood Community Centre, Goodwood Locksmith in Millswood, Government
of South Australia, Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Grace Emily Hotel,
Graham Bills, Graham Manou, Grant Piggott, Grant Wills, Greenhill
Galleries, Greenwheat Freekeh, Greg Kelton, Guardian, Hair OV Studio
in Norwood, Hamilton Adult Campus in Marion, Hamish Ludbrook, Hannah
Montana, Hazelwood Park Action Group, Heather Brown, Heather Duke-
Campbell, Heather Kennett, Heather McCracken, Helen Orr, Helen Rice
Tennis in Unley Mitcham Netherby Belair, Helga Lemon, Her Majesty's
Theatre, Highbury Hotel, Hilary Duff, Hilton Plaza, Holden Street
Theatres, Howard Nicholson, Hugh Nield, Hypoxi Body Design in
Greenhill, Ian McKenzie, Ian Perry, Ian Tannebring, Ian's Shoes in The
Parade Norwood, IKEA, Immanuel College, Ingle Farm, Ingle Farm
Shopping Centre, Instant security, Issac Pasalidis, Jack Scalzi,
Jacqui Nevin, Jai Koirala, Jam Factory, James Landridge Real Estate,
James Morris, Jane Davey, Jane Russo, Jane Silbereisen, Jane Whitford,
Jane Whitford, Jarvis Subaru Used Kensington, Jasmin Munslow, Jasmin
Munslow, Jason Borgas, JB Hi- fi, Jennie Boisvert, Jess Fishlock,
Jesse Batson, Jesse Shuppan, Jessica Beaton, Jetty Road Mainstreet,
Jim Jacobsen, Jim Jacobsen, Jo McIntyre, Joan Reed, Joanne Howard,
Jocelyn Rudd, Joe Jonas, John Crossley, John Frogley, John Gardner,
John Howard, John Koumi, John Minney, John Rudd, John Sanderson, John
Thomas, John Zylstra, Jon Ewer, Jonas Brothers, Jonathon Paior, Joseph
Ribhoff, Joseph Young, Josh Mann, Judith Mills, Judith Weaver, JudoSA,
Julian Carbone, Jurlique, Karen Hockley, Karina Gilham, Kathrine
Caulfield, Kay Mousley, Kelly Schilling, Kelvin Smith, Ken Hall
Plumbers, Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club, Kensington Road
Medical center with Dr Michael Healy, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery,
Kevin Duke, Kevin Foley, Kevin Jonas, Keyassets Fostering, Kim Packer,
King William St, Kings College, Kirinari Community School in Unley,
Kirsty Todd, Knitting Naturally in Old Noarlunga, Kristy Johnston,
Kyle Hand, Kylie Fleming, Lachlan Clyne, Lachlan Clyne, Lance Manser,
Lara Byrne, Leabrook IGA, Leader, Lee & Partners D.M. Bentley &
Associates in Abergeldie House Glen Osmond, Leeanne Moriarty, Les
Birch, Lesley Palk, Linden Park Pharmacy Devereux, Lindsay Power, Lisa
Bachmayer, Lisa Kennewell, Liz Eadie, Liz Rougvie, Lizzie McGuire, LJ
Hooker, LJ Hooker St Peters, LoanMarket, Loreto College, Lucy
Marcuccitti, Lynda AíBear, Lysandra Lee, Malvern, Marden Senior
College, Margaret Kidney, Marilyn McConahay, Marion, Mark Brindal,
Mark Brindal, Mark Osterstock, Mark Ward, Marryatville Primary,
Masonic Lodge, Matt Benson, Matt Smith from Klemich, Matthew Abraham,
Matthew Powell, Matthew Salleh, Matthew Westwood, Maurice Henderson,
Md Moniruzzaman, Meals on Wheels, Melinda Schneider, Melissa Phillips,
Mercury Cinema, Messenger Newspapers, Michael Bowen, Michael
Capogreco, Michael Dickison, Michael Hewitson, Michael Lodge, Michael
Pengilly, Michael Picton, Michael Saies, Michael Taliangis, Michelle
Fairbairn, Michelle Hickey, Michel's patisserie, Mike Hawkins of
Eastside Business enterprise, Mike Hudson, Mike Rann, Mike Stock,
Miley Cyrus, Millswood, Mint Fashion in Mitcham Square, Mitcham,
Mitcham Square, Monarto Zoological Park Murray Bridge, Motor Accident
Commission, Mount Osmond Golf Club, Mt Osmond Golf Club, Munno Para
Shopping City, Muscular Dystrophy Association, MyPlace Architech,
Natalie de Nedai, National Trust, Neighbour Watch, Neville Mander, New
Minx Designs Chic in Parkside, New York Post, News Limited, News
Review, Newspot Ssangyong, Newton, Next Byte, Nextbyte Apple computers
on Glen Osmond Rd Glenunga, Nicholas Koorey, Nick Greer, Nick Jonas,
Nikolaos Villios, Northpark, Northpark Shopping Centre, Norwood,
Norwood Hotel, Norwood Oval, Norwood Place, Norwood Place, Outside
Concepts, Paige Johnston, Palace Nova eastend Cinemas, Pam Mills,
Paolo-Antonio Macchia, Parkside, Patricia Huish, Patricia Hulsh,
Patricia Montanaro, Paul Holloway of the Australian labor party, Paul
Wormald, Pembroke School, Penelope Hamilton-Smith, Penny Wright, Peter
Cornish, Peter Costello, Peter Fensom, Peter Hughes, Peter Lehmann
Wines, Peter Pavan, Phil Harris, Phil Harris, Phil Hoffman travel,
Philip Chabrel, Philip Hopkins, Philip Hopkins, PK Excavations
Service, Portside, Poultry Options Mitcham Square,,
vermont estate, Proform pergolas Pty Ltd, Progressive Times, Proud
Australia holiday travel centre, QBR Builders, RAA Insurance, Raine &
Horne, Ralpha Clark, Ray Kidney, Ray White, Rebekah Hudson, Renate
Ochse, Renmark Council, Renmark Hospital Board, Repatriation General
Hospital, Restless Dance Theatre, Rex Hotel, Richard Thorne, Richard
Thorne, Richard Warren, Rob Davey, Rob Sangster, Robert Bria, Robert
Cooper, Robert Gilbert, Robert Hasenohr, Robert Paterson, Robyn
Conroy, Rod Harvey, Roller Doors 4 U in Edwardstown, Ronald Green.
Robert Bria, Rose Park Preschool, Rose Park Psychology, Rosemary
Bennetts podiatrist on Greenhill rd, Rosemary Miller, Rosie Tucker,
Ross Widger of Betta Home Furnishings, Rostrum Club, Rotary Club of
Adelaide, Rowan Steele, Royal Adelaide Show, Royal Agricultural &
Horticultural Society, Rubina Carlson, Rubina Munir, Rufus Salaman,
Rundle Mall Plaza, Ryan Post, SA Casting Ann Peters, SA Holidays Best
deals, SA Potato Growers Society, Sage Habel, SAGRIC, Samson Tanks,
Samson Tanks, Sandy Mount, Santos Museum of Economic Botany, Sarah
Easter, Sasha McDonnel, Sasha Shearer, SBS One, Scarce Greenhill,
Scott Burnside, Scott Douglas, Scott Moore, Scott Sims, Seaton High
School, Security Doors, Selena Gomez, Sensory Garden, Shannon Caton,
Shannon Caton, Sharon Skinner, Shaun Wilson, Sheradyn Holderhead, Sian
McLaren, Simon Buchhorn, Simon Skinner, Simply Fresh Fruiterers in
Kensington Gardens, Sonya Humphrey, Paul Deb, Sophie MacRae, Southern
HiTech Dyno Tune, Southern Times, Southgate Plaza, Sportsgirl, Spring
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What I think is particularly entertaining is the more Heather Kennett
tries to cyber bully Jeremy Shum, the more famous he is getting, and
the more advertising revenue he gains. This is as compared with
Heather Kennett, who everybody knows is posting malicious messages
online, and ruining her reputation.

[Tags redacted, you can obtain them from sources below]
[missing due to char limit]

[Latest update locales] [try vary content as they try to tag as sp@m
to censor free speech]
[great website for aggregation of latest topics]

Freedom of speech protected under the 1st Amendment of the USA
Constitution. Viewership freedom of speech protected by Australian
constitutional guarantee to freedom of political communication.
Attempts to interfere with political rights (including right to
freedom of political expression) is an offense against Crimes Act 1914
s28, meaning that police and judges who try to suppress political
communication, can be jailed under federal law! All expressions are to
be construed as opinion (not fact), and fiction, such that characters,
incidents, and locations portrayed and the names herein are
fictitious, and any similarity to or identification with the location,
name, character or history of any person, product or entity is
entirely coincidental and unintentional. All damages disclaimed, use
at own risk. Note that there are interpretation issues relating to
Evidence Act (1929) (SA) s71A, which prohibits evidence relating to an
alleged sex offence from being published in media. Recently, Wikipedia
has published allegations of a Labor Government minister being charged
with kiddie porn offences. Thus, stated above is the case against
child predator Heather Kennett, uncensored.


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