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TOPIC: air max 180 shoes on sale in

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Date: Sat, Apr 17 2010 7:58 am
From: wholesale shoes

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TOPIC: wholesale new nike shox shoes in

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Date: Sun, Apr 18 2010 5:16 am
From: wholesale shoes cheap wholesae :
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Date: Sun, Apr 18 2010 10:12 am
From: Attila <

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 09:34:52 GMT, "regn.pickfod" <>
in alt.abortion with message-id <>

>Attila wrote:
>> On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 03:08:29 GMT, "regn.pickfod" <>
>> in alt.abortion with message-id <>
>> wrote:
>>>>>>> You must know a lot of Athiests.
>>>>>> I have no idea. I don't go around asking.
>>>>> You don't have to; in good time they tell you.
>>>>> Like someone suffering shingles; if you watch them
>>>>> long enough they start scratching and clawing at themselves in
>>>>> hellish contortions of self destruction.
>>>> You seem to think it is some kind of physical condition.
>>> It is a mental condition. Seems we are mentally/genetically wired to
>>> believe in some version of ultimate authority. For Athiests to claim
>>> none exist, they must be mentally defective.
>> I disagree. That is simply an attempt to explain what is not yet
>> understood. No such 'authority' has ever been proven to exist.
>Of Course.
>To agree would be an acceptance you are `not right in the head'

Interesting. Your definition of mentally defective consists of
disagreeing with you.

That appears to possibly be the norm, in which case where is the

Pro-Choice is Pro-Freedom

Every illegal alien is a criminal.
No amnesty under any name or for any reason.
Deportation upon identification, not work permit or citizenship.

Support H.R. 1940: Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007

Any organizations with any of the following words or phrases in their name should
be avoided at all costs:

Catholic anything, especially the cult.
Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum
Family - Other than Family Planing
"Faith Based" Anything
Justice Institute
Parents Television Council
United for Life

Michael Vick should be stripped naked and put in a pit
with at least a dozen of his dogs.

TOPIC: summer comes, what is your plan?

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Date: Sun, Apr 18 2010 6:00 pm
From: jane song

Your and her/his Shoes in Summer

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Date: Sun, Apr 18 2010 7:09 pm
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Dark times for silver screen in Valley

By Khursheed Wani
The Pioneer
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shrinagar - Two decades after the separatists banned film screenings
in cinema halls of Kashmir, a lone theatre is fighting a battle for
survival. A generation grown without cinema is unlikely to generate
hope for the dying cinema hall, the Neelam, which was once part of a
bustling entertainment industry.

Neelam was one of the dozen-odd cinema halls operating in Shrinagar
in the pre-militancy era. In 1996, when the Government offered
incentives to cinema owners for restarting their ventures, Neelam was
one of the three theatres which took up the offer. The Broadway,
located in the Cantonment area, closed down silently while the Regal
was forced to shut down when a grenade exploded on its premises on
the first day of the new beginning.

Some of the cinema halls, like Sheeraz and Firdaus, have been
transformed into security formations. The Khayam is now a heart
institute, and the Naaz has been replaced by an imposing shopping
plaza. The skeleton of Palladium Theatre at the historic Lal Chowk is
now a bone of contention between city developers and the property
owner. Cinemas outside the city -- Heeven in Anantnag and Samad in
Sopore -- have also been closed down.

The Neelam is a 44-year-old cinema hall where projectionist Muhammad
Ayub and his colleagues are working in despair and disillusionment.
Comparing the gloomy state of the cinema with "the good old days",
they only hope for revival of the cinema industry in the Valley.

"We used to have five houseful shows daily. Many people got jobs
here...everyone was busy. It was worth seeing when a new film was to
release. Large numbers of people would turn up very early in the
morning to buy tickets," Ayub said. "Now, sometimes we have just four
viewers in a hall of 800. Many a time, the showing is called off," he

Zahoor Ahmad is nostalgic. "I will never forget those days. People
were crazy about movies. Whether it was the falling snow or scorching
heat, the theatres were full. People used to travel long distances
and book rooms in Shrinagar only to watch the late-night shows," he
said. Ironically, Ahmad has never watched a film in the theatre since

Neelam is situated in the heart of city, just behind the Civil
Secretariat. People pass by in hordes but only a few ever look at the
cinema hall. "We take out advertisements in newspapers and put up
hoardings. Still, people do not come this way," Ayub said.

Proprietor Saifuddin, a leading businessman, is the only hope for
employees. "He (the owner) pays our salaries from his own pocket. He
has told us to keep the cinema running in the hope that things will
change for the better. We are hopeful too," he added.

Different people view the state of cinema halls in the Valley with
diverse perspectives. While some relate it to the ongoing situation
in the Valley, the others propose introduction of state-of-the-art
cinema halls to start afresh. "The cinema halls and liquor shops were
closed by Islamic terrorists. If the cinemas are reopened, it would
be an affront to the militants and there is every apprehension that
they may target them. People would not like to assemble at risky
places," said a senior journalist.

Sociologist Mudassir Ahmad said cinema-going had become a social
taboo. "People may happily watch Bollywood movies inside their homes
but would not go to theatres," he said.

Zahid Manzoor, a leading TV director, said it was difficult to
regenerate the habit of cinema-going among youngsters, who have not
felt and experienced the aura of cinema. "A generation of people has
grown up here without cinema. How can you tell them what cinema is
all about, especially when there are issues like security involved?"
he asked.

However, Shafaqat Habib, a leading cameraman who has credits in many
a Bollywood film, said things could turn around if the dilapidated
and outdated cinema halls were replaced by multiplexes. "The world
over, independent cinemas are losing business to multiplexes," he

Ironically, no multiplex is expected to come up in the city in the
near future.

More at:

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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