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Date: Wed, Apr 21 2010 11:07 pm
From: cogitoergosum

> Since newsgroup posts are being removed
> by forgery by one or more net terrorists,
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Religion, What's Your Poison?: Sid Harth


Home .
World Religions.
What's New?.
Top Level.
Terms of Service.
Age of Reason.
Ancient Near East.
Book of Shadows.
Earth Mysteries.
I Ching.
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Sub Rosa.
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Zoroastrianism .

The Rig Veda
Ralph T.H. Griffith, Translator

This is the Ralph T.H. Griffith English translation of the Rig Veda.
This was one of the first etexts developed for this site. Each page of
this is cross-linked with the Sanskrit text of the Rig Veda. Both this
and the Sanskrit Rig Veda require browser support for Unicode. If you
have trouble seeing non-Latin characters in this text, refer to the
Sacred-texts Unicode page.

Rig-Veda, Book 1 .
Rig-Veda, Book 2 .
Rig-Veda, Book 3 .
Rig-Veda, Book 4 .
Rig-Veda, Book 5 .
Rig-Veda, Book 6 .
Rig-Veda, Book 7 .
Rig-Veda, Book 8 .
Rig-Veda, Book 9 .

Rig-Veda, Book 10 .

The Rig Veda
Ralph T.H. Griffith, Translator
Book 10

Some excerpts:


1. To Agni send I forth my song, to him the Bull of all the folk:
So may he bear us past our foes.
2 Who from the distance far away shines brilliantly across the wastes:
So may he bear us past our foes.
3 The Bull with brightly-gleaming flame who utterly consumes the
So may he bear us past our foes.
4 Who looks on all existing things and comprehends them with his view:
So may he bear us past our foes.
5 Resplendent Agni, who was born in farthest region of the air:
So may he bear us past our foes.


1. Now send ye Jātavedas forth, send hitherward the vigorous Steed
To seat him on our sacred grass.
2. I raise the lofty eulogy of Jātavedas, raining boons,
With sages for his hero band.
3 With flames of Jātavedas which carry oblation to the Gods,
May he promote our sacrifice.


1. THIS spotted Bull hath come, and sat before the Mother in the east,
Advancing to his Father heaven.
2 Expiring when he draws his breath, she moves along the lucid
The Bull shines out through all the sky.
3 Song is bestowed upon the Bird: it rules supreme through thirty
Throughout the days at break of morn.

HYMN CXC. Creation.

1. FROM Fervour kindled to its height Eternal Law and Truth were born:
Thence was the Night produced, and thence the billowy flood of sea
2 From that same billowy flood of sea the Year was afterwards
Ordainer of the days nights, Lord over all who close the eye.
3 Dhātar, the great Creator, then formed in due order Sun and Moon.
He formed in order Heaven and Earth, the regions of the air, and


1. THOU, mighty Agni, gatherest up all that is precious for thy
Bring us all treasures as thou art enkindled in libation's place
2 Assemble, speak together: let your minds be all of one accord,
As ancient Gods unanimous sit down to their appointed share.
3 The place is common, common the assembly, common the mind, so be
their thought united.
A common purpose do I lay before you, and worship with your general
4 One and the same be your resolve, and be your minds of one accord.
United be the thoughts of all that all may happily agree.


Many files posted at sacred texts since the spring of 2002 have
embedded Unicode. Unicode is a multi-byte alphabet which can represent
all major world scripts, and many obscure ones as well. This solves a
major problem for creators of etexts, as it is now possible to fully
transcribe texts in multiple languages without requiring ASCII
transliterations, special fonts or browsing software. Unicode enabling
also takes care of right-to-left scripts more-or-less automatically.

All modern web browsers support Unicode if you have a decent Unicode
font installed, provided you designate that font as your default font.

That said, this is definitely still on the cutting edge, and you may
need to tweak your browser settings to get the full character set. And
there are some features which are buggy in particular browsers,
although support seems to be getting better in newer versions; having
an up-to-date version of your operating system also helps.

For instance, some browsers have a few problems displaying some
subscript and superscript characters such as Hebrew vowel points (they
get displayed to the left of where they should be, with a space above
them). Some older versions of Internet Explorer do not display medial
and final forms when displaying Arabic (which makes it unusable for
this purpose). Firefox 3, on Windows XP, with Code2000 doesn't display
the entire Quran character set, particularly some more obscure ones.
IE8 on Windows XP, with Code2000 renders all but three of the archaic
Quranic characters correctly. We haven't tested every browser/OS/font
combination. For this reason, we have also posted a version of the
Quran which uses gif images to display Arabic. But this is an
exception. And this may have been fixed in more recent versions of the

It appears that Firefox does not render Devanagari 'i' correctly: it
places it after the associated consonant, not before.

IE and Safari do not display the correct presentation forms for
Unicode Cyrillic italics: Safari does not even allow Cyrillic to be
italicized, whereas IE shows italicized forms of the base graphemes,
which is incorrect. Opera and Firefox display these presentation forms
correctly. Strangely enough, the italic Cyrillic presentation forms
are displayed correctly in MS Word 2003.

Some problems viewing some polytonic Greek files on the 5.0 CD-ROM
under Mac OS-X have been reported. These have been fixed on the
website and the 6.0 DVD-ROM, but not on the 5.0 CD-ROM.

We welcome any comments or questions about the visibility of Unicode
on this site in various browsers, and we will add advisories on this
page. Extensive Unicode resources can be found at
[External Site].

Recommended Unicode Fonts

If you need a Unicode font, we recommend the Code 2000 shareware font
[External Site]. This is a very extensive Windows font, and the one
which we use to test the site with.

We also recommend the site,
which lists dozens of Unicode fonts for a variety of platforms.

A Unicode font, Arial Unicode MS, comes with Windows XP. It has some
good points: it seems to have better coverage of some of the more
obscure Arabic characters than Code2000. That said, Arial Unicode MS
is not pretty, and if reading everything in a sans serif font isn't
your cup of tea, you may want to look elsewhere. Note that this font
may not be installed on your XP system by default. If you have XP and
don't see Arial Unicode MS as one of your available fonts, you may
need to dig out your Windows disk. You also can buy it from Microsoft,
but they charge an exorbitant $99 for it. With so many free and
inexpensive Unicode fonts, there is no reason to pay that much!

There is also a page about font issues regarding the Unicode Hebrew
Bible at sacred-texts which includes a specialized redistributable

Enabling Unicode in Your Browser

The most common complaint is 'I downloaded and installed Code2000 but
I still see little boxes in your files'. This is because you also have
to tell your browser that you want to view Unicode content using that

First of all, we recommend that if you have an older browser, you
should obtain the most recent version. If you are using AOL or another
ISP which has a bundled browser, you may wish to get the most recent
version of Internet Explorer or Netscape and use it for browsing
Unicode content; the bundled browsers are notoriously buggy,
particularly when it comes to cutting-edge features such as Unicode.

Here's how to get Unicode working in Internet Explorer using Code2000.
The procedure is very similar for other browsers.

1. Download and Install the Unicode Font

First of all you need to download the font and install it. For
instance, if you are using Windows XP, you start the Control Panel
'Fonts' program, and then select 'Install New Font' from the 'File'

2. Make the Unicode Font Your Default Web Page Font

Let's assume you have downloaded and installed the 'Code2000' font.
Start Internet Explorer and go into 'Tools | Internet Options' and
select the 'Fonts' dialog.

On the 'Web Page Font', Code2000 should show up in the scrolling
listbox, if you downloaded it and installed it correctly. Select it.

Unless you do this, some Unicode characters (such as the accented
Greek characters and some Hebrew characters) may not show up.

I'm still seeing little boxes! What to do?

The most common problem is skipping step two in the previous section.
If you don't designate a full Unicode font as your default 'Web Page
Font', you will still only have whatever minimal Unicode support is
built into your operating system.

Typically this will include some of the simplest extended Latin
accented characters, as well as basic Greek and Hebrew characters.
However, you won't be able to view specialized accented Latin
characters, polytonic Greek, or pointed Hebrew. You won't be able to
see any Arabic or Devanagari characters, astrological symbols, and so
on. These will show up as the dreaded 'boxes' (or question marks in
some browsers).

The web pages with heavy Unicode dependencies at this site don't have
embedded font information because that would greatly inflate their
size; and in the case of sections such as the Hebrew Bible and
Sanskrit/Transliterated Rig Veda, that adds up to some serious extra
baggage. Therefore I leave it up to you to tell your browser which
font to use. You can always switch it back easily if you aren't
reading specialized Unicode content.

Manually Selecting Unicode Encoding

You may need to also manually select 'Unicode (UTF-8)' in certain
browsers. For instance, under Internet Explorer, you can select 'View
| Encoding', and 'Unicode (UTF-8)'. Under Netscape, this is 'View |
Character Coding'.

Technically, some of these pages don't use the UTF-8 encoding scheme.
However this seems to be the only way to specify that you are viewing
Unicode content for some browsers. I've started to add UTF-8 META tags
to all files which have any amount of Unicode. This seems to have

Unicode Implementation

Technically speaking, the Unicode characters are embedded in 8 bit
HTML using 'character entities', for instance:

&#2384; = ॐ
&#1488; = א‎
&#937; = Ω

If your browser is Unicode-enabled, you should see the Sanskrit letter
for 'Aum' (see this image); the Hebrew letter Aleph, and a Greek
capital Omega above.

For disk space and bandwidth reasons, I've also started to use the
UTF-8 encoding scheme in the files which are predominantly Unicode,
such as the Greek and Hebrew portions of the Bible and the Rig Veda.
This is a variable-length binary compression scheme which encodes
Unicode efficiently. Instead of the 6 bytes per character that the
HTML entity requires, UTF-8 requires one to three bytes to represent
the 16 bit Unicode character set. Most modern browsers handle UTF-8
automatically, assuming you have installed a complete Unicode font.

In some cases Unicode has been used to transcribe Latin characters
with accents outside the ISO-8859-1 HTML character set. In other cases
complete texts or extensive portions of the text are in Unicode. Among
the Unicode character sets in use currently are Arabic, Chinese,
Extended Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Tibetan, Runic and Sanskrit.

Some of the Unicode-enabled files at sacred-texts include:

The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) [Hebrew]
The Septuagint [Greek]
The Greek New Testament
The Qur'an [Arabic]
The Rig Veda [Sanskrit]
The Poems of Sappho [Greek]
The Confucian Classics in Chinese and English [Chinese]
The Gnostic John the Baptizer [Greek, Extended Latin]
She-rab Dong-bu [Tibetan]
The Kebra Nagast [Ethiopian, Extended Latin]
The Rune Poem [Runic]
Introduction to Astrology [Astrological Signs]
The Tale of the Armament of Igor [Cyrillic, Extended Latin]

Books are selected by and are not necessarily endorsed by
this site

This is a quiet place in cyberspace
devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship

Non-public domain contents of this site

not otherwise copyrighted are © copyright 2010, John Bruno Hare, All
Rights Reserved.
See Site copyrights, Terms of Service for more information.

Open Source for the Human Soul

...and I am Sid Harth


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Date: Thurs, Apr 22 2010 4:19 am
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Tax officials claim 'evidence' against KKR

The Pioneer
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kolkata - Tax officials who conducted search operations at the
offices of the Bengal Cricket Association and Shah Rukh Khan's
Kolkata Knight Riders till the early hours of Thursday here claimed
to have found "incriminating evidence" of irregularities.

"We have found incriminating evidence. We will investigate further.
We needed to have a look at certain transactions and we've found
whatever we were looking for," said Indian Revenue Service Deputy
Director Akhilendu Jadhav.

The main angle that the sleuths of the Directorate of Income Tax
Investigation were looking for on the probe into the Indian Premier
League (IPL) franchises was the legality of money transfers from tax
havens abroad, primarily Mauritius, officials explained.

This apart, officials of the Directorate of Enforcement were probing
the legitimacy of transactions between the franchise and the state's
cricket board, the officials added.

Searches at both the board's office at the Eden Gardens stadium and
the premises of Kolkata Knight Riders and its parent Red Chillies
Entertainment of actor Shah Rukh Khan at ITC Sonar Bangla and
Shakespeare Sarani began at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The federal revenue department had Wednesday broadened the probe into
the financial deals of IPL, even conducting search operations on
three of its event management and broadcast firms in Mumbai, apart
from the franchises.

The 10 franchises under scrutiny are Kochi's Rendezvous Sports,
Pune's Sahara group, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight
Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super
Kings, Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab.

No misconduct by Srinivasan on Chennai IPL franchise: Manohar

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President Shashank
Manohar Thursday rubbished charges of impropriety by its secretary N.
Srinivasan, whose India Cements owns the Chennai franchise of Indian
Premier League (IPL).

As charges both by IPL Commissioner Lalit K. Modi and those in the
opposing camp of the cricket administration flew thick and fast,
Manohar said Srinivasan's role in securing the franchise for Chennai
Super Kings was above board.

Maintaining that then BCCI president and Agriculture Minister Sharad
Pawar had given an okay to India Cements to bid for IPL, Manohar also
slammed the IPL commissioner for not declaring to the governing
council that his own relatives were part owners of IPL teams.

"It is not that Mr. Srinivasan is bidding. It is India Cements
company which is bidding and it is a public limited company," Manohar
told reporters at the headquarters of the board here, with the India
Cements vice chairman and managing director by his side.

"It is most unfair to say Mr. Srinivasan was a declared bidder. If
Mr. Modi and his other relatives had a share in any of the
franchises, he ought to have declared it at the meeting," the BCCI
chief maintained.

Referring to the meeting of the governing council of IPL scheduled
April 26 in the wake of charges of financial irregularities by the
league and its franchises, Manohar said there was no misconduct on
the part of Srinivasan in convening it.

"He (Srinivasan) is not calling the meeting as the owner of a team.
Under the board constitution, the secretary is the convenor of all
meetings. Even today I don't convene a meeting, being the board
president," he said.

"Whether he (Srinivasan) has a conflict of interest is not an issue
because Srinivasan, when the issue came up, had sought permission
from Mr. Pawar who was then president of this board. Mr. Pawar
granted him permission to bid."

Modi had questioned the legality of the scheduled governing council
meeting Wednesday and said only he had the powers to convene the

Manohar also sought to clear his name from another controversy over
the gag orders on Modi to refrain from revealing the names of IPL
franchises, claiming there was a confidentiality clause they were
bound by.

On the contrary, the BCCI president said, the IPL commissioner was
curiously selective in leaking the names of one of the franchises --
a leak that resulted in the resignation of Shashi Tharoor as minister
of state for external affairs.

He said he had asked Modi to keep quiet, since one of the franchises
had said there was a confidentiality clause in not revealing the
names of its owners and accordingly wanted to discuss the issue at
the governing council meeting.

More at:

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

o Not for commercial use. Solely to be fairly used for the educational
purposes of research and open discussion. The contents of this post may not
have been authored by, and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the
poster. The contents are protected by copyright law and the exemption for
fair use of copyrighted works.
o If you send private e-mail to me, it will likely not be read,
considered or answered if it does not contain your full legal name, current
e-mail and postal addresses, and live-voice telephone number.
o Posted for information and discussion. Views expressed by others are
not necessarily those of the poster who may or may not have read the article.

FAIR USE NOTICE: This article may contain copyrighted material the use of
which may or may not have been specifically authorized by the copyright
owner. This material is being made available in efforts to advance the
understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic,
democratic, scientific, social, and cultural, etc., issues. It is believed
that this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as
provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title
17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without
profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included
information for research, comment, discussion and educational purposes by
subscribing to USENET newsgroups or visiting web sites. For more information
go to:
If you wish to use copyrighted material from this article for purposes of
your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the
copyright owner.

Since newsgroup posts are being removed
by forgery by one or more net terrorists,
this post may be reposted several times.

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