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Date: Sun, Feb 8 2009 9:11 pm
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Forwarded message from Murli

A much better 'Slumdog' story

From slum to IIM and no looking back still

By C. P. Sajit

Chennai, Sept 29 - Opportunity knocked, he opened the door.
It entered and has made him a satisfied man. He feels he is
doubly blessed, considering the difficult days of his early
life in the slums of Madipakkam. From there he entered the
premises of IIM, Ahmedabad.

But, as luck would have it, he branched into catering,
wherein he made his presence felt. 'I am proud, certainly
not vain, that I have brought great joy to those who have
been with me from them,' he said, 'That was E Sharathbabu,
a local lad, who has made the heads of many of those who
know him turn. A good number of lucrative jobs he has
refused and quite a few offers kept cropping up proving
that today's youth (he is still to touch the 30s) can face
the stiff hard-to-make-it world.

This enterprising businessman has made institution catering
his speciality and today has interests in three places up
North his first was at Ahmedabad where he studied.

This paper met him when he was in Chennai for a seminar on
'celebrating Indian entrepreneurship' and the story he told
was as fascinating and touching as the man. 'I lived in a
slum, my mother was a maid in a school. I remember selling
idlis at Re one a piece. I was in school then.' Today he
does business of Rs 1.2 lakh a day from his Institutional
Cafeterias called the Foodking spread across Ahmedabad, Goa
and Pilani in Rajasthan.

The cruel 'I won't use that word ' days have made him aware
of the plight of those with whom he grew up. 'I want to
bring these poor folks away from the suffering, the
squalour. I want them to lead a reasonably comfortable
life. Their children surely deserve a better deal, don't
you agree?' That thought stuck and he vowed he would do it.

'One way is to see that they go to work. Get them jobs,
equip them to get jobs or to be on their own.' The food
industry was the first that came to the mind. 'The large
numbers from disadvantaged backgrounds can be easily fitted
in here than in other profession,' he added.

Now employing over 170 people within a short period of one-
and- a- half years after the commencement into catering
business, he is planning to start another branch in Chennai
in a period of two months or more.

On asked the reason for starting the business in Ahmedabad,
which was inaugurated by the icon of Indian information
technology Narayanamurthy, this 29- year-old engineer
graduate from the BITS Pilani, with a management degree
from IIM Ahmedabad said that it was the vision to make his
company a national brand, which really prompted him to
start the business here.

'To make it a national brand the perception of customers
has to be kept in mind,' he said and added that being a
South Indian and starting the business from South and then
fledging to other areas would have led the people with an
impression about the company being 'southie'. But now with
well established branch in North it is the apt time to get
into the South Indian market, he opined.

Started with an investment of Rs 12 lakh, supported by
various organisation and loans from bank, Sharatbabu is
looking ahead to employ more than 10,000 people over the
next 10 years. Expanding further, he is also looking
forward to venture into the retail market.

Also talking about bringing changes in the educational
scenario in Corporation school, he emphasised the need to
promote exchange programmes between the private and
corporation school and providing free education by the
private school to economically poor students.

He said the private school should allow the students from
Corporation school to use the facilities and train them on
weekly basis to boost their confidence.

Besides this, more private organisations should take the
responsibility of educating the poor and needy children, he

He opined that this would help the people as well as the
country to change gears on the road to a faster

He stressed the need to work together and help the people
to come up from their poor State.

End of forwarded message from Murli

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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TOPIC: Chandni chowk to China - English subtitles

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Date: Wed, Feb 11 2009 3:47 pm
From: (habshi)

Enjoyed the ultra ultra violence movie 'the Punisher'


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