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* Dunk SB Man low,Dunk SB Women low,Dunk SB Man Mid,Dunke SB Man High (http:// - 1 messages, 1 author
* Briton makes Mollywood film for less than Rs. 1,800, eyes Guinness record -
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TOPIC: Dating meeting sex...

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Date: Fri, Feb 25 2011 8:00 pm
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TOPIC: Dunk SB Man low,Dunk SB Women low,Dunk SB Man Mid,Dunke SB Man High (

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TOPIC: Briton makes Mollywood film for less than Rs. 1,800, eyes Guinness

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Date: Sun, Feb 27 2011 12:13 am
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Briton makes Bollywood film for less than Rs. 1,800, eyes Guinness

By Venkata Vemuri
The Pioneer
Sunday, February 27, 2011

London - A budding British film-maker is hoping to get into the
Guinness book of world records for spending less than UKP 25 in
producing a Bollywood-style film, Indian Pickle, which is making its
premiere on Sunday.

The 40-minute film is directed by Geoff Dixon of Barnard Castle, a
small town in the north-eastern English county of Durham. It also
features staff of a local Indian restaurant, Bengal Merchant.

Dixon says the film cost him UKP 24.14 (Rs. 1,762.90) to create,
which could be the least expensive film ever made.

The Guinness book currently lists a Canadian film, Die Alive, which
was produced in 2001 for 563.62 Canadian Dollars, or UKP 259.91
pounds at that time. Indian Pickle is about an Indian character
called Rajah who comes to the UK after winning a lottery ticket, but
gets mixed up in the underworld of crime when his gambling brother,
Samir, is taken hostage.

Dixon shot the film mostly in Barnard Castle and partly in Goa where
the producer-director had gone on a brief holiday. He filmed much of
the action with a green screen back-drop to allow for special
effects, including a helicopter flying down a street, a car careering
off the end of a bridge and a plane crash.

The green screen was the film's biggest expense, costing UKP 13.50 --
that was nearly half of the total cost. The second biggest expense
was Blu Tack -- a holding glue -- that cost UKP 4.27.

Dixon told a local newspaper, The Advertiser: "Actually I've got 20p
to spare because one of the things I put in there, a pint for Kev at
UKP 2.50 I was told was actually UKP 2.30."

Dixon and his team are all amateurs from Barnard Castle who spend six
months in all to make the film. He said: "I am friends with the lads
at the Bengal Merchant and I'm always doing little films like this so
I thought it would just be a bit of fun really. It's all about faith
and luck. (the small budget) makes it more fun and nobody can act
either which is brilliant."

He said he was happy to have got the entire community of his town
involved in the making of the film.

Indian Pickle will make its debut at a screening in Durham on Sunday,
with tickets costing UKP 2.50.

More at:

[I refer to Bollywood as Mollywood because Bombay is Mumbai. - JM]

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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