Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Geetha Kishore <geethakishore123@gmail.com>: Aug 11 03:43AM -0700

I'm Srikanth from DigitalSrikanth.com, I will be your host on 05th Sep 2015, so don't forget to say Hi when you attend the conference. Today in this video I'm going to tell why you need to attend the MGAW Conference in Hyderabad. First let me tell you what MGAW stands for, it's "Marketing Genius At Work". A website designed and developed specially for offline/online Marketers to provide cutting edge information to succeed in their jobs and businesses. This is the first conference we are conducting starting from Hyderabad. Each month conference will be held in a different city to meet with fellow marketers. Enough about MGAW, let me introduce myself and then tell you why we are conducting this conference.
Visit: http://www.meraevents.com/event/digital-marketing-conference-hyderabad&ucode=DMNR
Geetha Kishore <geethakishore123@gmail.com>: Aug 11 03:17AM -0700

Vh1 Supersonic Arcade is an extension of Vh1 Supersonic.
Arcades have been devised for those music lovers, who can`t personally make it to Goa for the Supersonic festival. These large-scale events will travel from city to city, to give the Indian audience a taste of awesome music by top-notch DJ`s. This year, Vh1 Supersonic promise to give their fans a minimum of 3 Arcade tours with the top rank DJ`s from around the world.
Visit: http://www.meraevents.com/event/vh1supersonic-arcade-skrillex-mumbai&ucode=dmnr
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