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Sanskrit is the lucky mascot for Ajay Devgn
By Joginder Tuteja
Daily News & Analysis
Tuesday, July 28, 2015
As a matter of fact, another major film in Ajay's career,
Omkara, too bears Sanskrit origin, hence turning out to
be quite an uncanny trend in the actor's films.
Mumbai - When it came to finalising the title for Ajay
Devgn's Friday release Drishyam, there wasn't much debate
around leaving it as it is. Though a few other titles
were considered, it was unanimously agreed that the film
would continue to be called so. Here is the reason why.
Not just did Ajay believe that the name had already stuck
in people's mind, it has also turned out to be a trend of
sorts where a Sanskrit title has gone in the favor of his
"First it was Singham, now it is Drishyam and tomorrow it
will be Shivaay. Each of these is a Sanskrit word. Yes,
it has been a coincidence of sorts since Singham as well
as Drishyam are actually remakes and Ajay has basically
acquired the title. However, Shivaay is an entirely new
film and subconsciously turned out to be a Sanskrit word.
Given the fact that Singham as well as Singham Returns
did so well while Drishyam has done well across all
languages that it has been made in so far, Sanskrit is
definitely a lucky mascot for Ajay. Now he is mighty
excited about Shivaay too," informs our source.
As a matter of fact, another major film in Ajay's career,
Omkara, too bears Sanskrit origin, hence turning out to
be quite an uncanny trend in the actor's films.
"Well, I never thought about it that way but yes,
sometimes certain titles so stick and then you wonder why
to change them at all. For Drishyam, there was a brief
discussion around the change of title. However, I did
feel that there was no point doing so because everyone
was anyway calling it as Drishyam remake all this while,"
says Ajay, "Someone suggested if we should have Drishya
as a title but then again it was similar to Drishyam. I
remember people debated massively at the time of Singham
as they felt it was a Sanskrit word and pan-India
audience won't pick it up easily. However, we loved the
tone of it and rest is history. Same holds true for
Drishyam too," says Ajay.
Tell him that even a title like Bahubali has been picked
up well by audience across the country and the film is
breaking records in Hindi circuits as well and he nods in
"That's exactly my point of view," he says, "If a film is
good, it will do well even if it does not have a
conventional title to it. The word Drishyam has such a
strong meaning and relevance to the story. We didn't want
to touch it."
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