Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Used to have great shairi Jul 22 05:51PM

Anyone who doubts that Bollywood films are the best
entertainment should see this movie. 3hrs pass by without a micro
second when your attention might wander.
The six year old Harshita steals the show without saying a
single word ! She is stranded in India and gets taken in by a Brahmin
family who only realise their mistake when she starts cheering for the
wrong side!
This is how a movie should be made, great story , great humour
, make you laugh and cry and superb songs and dances. Some of these
have Indian instruments esp the qawwali (youtube bhajrang songs). Just
listen to it , must be something about secondary vibrations which make
it thrill the heart compared to western electronic nonsense.
Will go off to see it again, you always miss a lot of
background stuff in the first viewing.
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