Saturday, July 11, 2015

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Hollywood has forgotten how to make entertaining movies.
Terminator is another tension all the time , car chases , gloomy
washed out photography made even worse in 3D with computer splitting
of the picture.
Hero was a refereshing change. superb photography ,great
female dresses , songs , however the westen beat is not needed and the
one time in the background music when they use the tabla , a thrill
runs down the spine. It is a waste of time releasing movies with
subtitles as the third generation Punjabis dont even speak the
language and there were only two people in the audience. Great scenes
of Vancouver.
The song 'you are my allah , i pray to you' is quite good even
if a bit shirky! The man set on fire is very good special effects but
the driving through streets with a blindfold over your eyes may
impress some women but is not recommended. Enojyed seeing it.
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