Saturday, May 30, 2015

Digest for - 4 updates in 4 topics May 30 03:20PM

Great pleasure to watch a movie in Punjabi with Punjabi
musical instruments being used. The heroine is eye candy.
A little confused about why those who rob banks are martyrs
and do Sardars really drink so much in real life? May 30 03:01PM

The 2D version of San Andrea had richer colours than the
washed out 3D one.
3D can be made well with two cameras eg Final Destination and
that other movie where people keep getting killed after premonitions.
However when they use computers to split a movie made in 2d , the
results are awful.
The audience should be informed which 3D movie has had this
cheap trick so they dont waste their money May 30 02:58PM

These movies with their songs and dances and great dialogue
make them the best form of entertainment on the planet today May 30 02:56PM

Only movie which has raced to blockbuster status this year , five
times net cost, and now at Rs 100 crore
Saw it again , waves of pleasure from the Indian instrument music.
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