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The Pioneer
Friday, May 8, 2015
Superstar Salman Khan gets his comeuppance
It took close to 13 years, but finally Hindi film
superstar Salman Khan has been convicted for causing the
death of a person through rash and negligent driving
under the influence of alcohol. The brouhaha that has
erupted has primarily to do with the quantum of
punishment -- five years of rigorous imprisonment.
Salman Khan's sympathisers argue that the punishment is
harsh for various reasons. The first is that others have
in the past got away with lighter sentences for similar
offences. The second is that the actor is engaged in
commendable social work, which the Mumbai Sessions Court
judge ought to have taken into consideration. And the
third is that he appears to have become a victim of the
celebrity syndrome. Because others have received lighter
sentences in previous cases, it cannot be a ground for
similar leniency. On the contrary, the argument should
be that there should be no leniency in cases where drink-
driving causes the death of people on the roads. The
fact that Salman Khan is involved in social work,
through his Being Human organisation, has no relevance
to the case at hand. Even a saint, if he is found guilty
of a crime, has to go through the rigors of punishment
the law of the land has laid down.
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Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
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