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The Pioneer
Saturday, January 17, 2015
Thiruvananthapuram - After Leela Samson and fellow member
Ira Bhaskar, eminent filmmaker Shaji N Karun has resigned
as member of the Central Board of Film Certification
(CBFC) pledging solidarity with them and expressing
"gross dissatisfaction" at the functioning of the body.
Karun, who mailed his resignation to Samson last
evening, said he was quitting not just over the issue of
clearance to the controversial film "Messenger of God"
but mainly because of the "constitutional and
organisational" failure of the CBFC for some time.
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Om Shanti
alt.fan.jai-maharaj@googlegroups.com (Dr. Jai Maharaj): Jan 20 11:18PM

The Pioneer
Saturday, January 17, 2015
New Delhi - Hitting back, government today accused Censor
Board chief Leela Samson and its other members, appointed
by the previous UPA government, of politicising the issue
of their resignation and termed her being as "non-
Information and Broadcasting Minister Arun Jaitley
charged Samson with being "non-functional" as she
herself has said no meetings of the Board took place and
cited unused Board funds returned to the Ministry.
"It is regrettable that the UPA appointees have decided
to politicise routine issues," he said in an article
"Rebels Without a Cause" posted on Facebook on the
controversy over resignation of Samson and some other
Censor Board members over clearance to Dera Sachcha
Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's film "Messenger of
Referring to Samson's allegation that Censor Board
meetings were not held regularly, Jaitley said "the
charge that meetings of the Censor Board are not being
held is a self condemnation.
"The meetings are to be convened not by the Minister or
the Secretary but by the Chairperson. If the meetings
are not being convened, it is for those responsible for
non-functioning who must blame themselves," he said.
On corruption, he said "if there is any corruption, the
UPA appointees have themselves to blame. I only wished
that the fact of corruption had been communicated even
once by the Chairperson of the Censor Board to me. The
non-functional Chairperson never did so."
"I have not met or spoken to any member of the Censor
Board nor authorised anyone to do the same," he said. He
also said neither he nor his junior minister
Rajyavardhan Rathore or any bureaucrat has ever
communicated with any member of the Censor Board and
that outgoing UPA appointees in the Board never raised
the issue of corruption with him.
Jaitley said "the NDA government maintains arms length
distance in all matters relating to film certification."
Accusing Congress of politicising the issue, he said
that in 2004 the government had dismissed the then
Censor Board headed by eminent actor Anupam Kher merely
on the ground that he was appointed by the earlier
government. "The UPA government had politicised the
Censor Board...We did not wish to do that.
Putting forth the legal position on the controversy,
Jaitley said it is the Censor Board alone which decides
on issues within its jurisdiction but an aggrieved
producer has the right to move the Appeal Tribunal and
if the latter disagrees with the Board, "it is part of
the due process of law and not an onslaught on the
Board's autonomy". "Can a subordinate judicial
authority ever cry foul if its decision is upset by an
appellate authority?," he said.
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The Pioneer
Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti
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