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Why do people bother watching boring Hollywood movies when Bollywood
ones are so much more fun and entertaing ?
There are 60 Bollywood movies with English subtitles on netflix
A list of the 101 best movies on Netflix UK
A list of the best movies currently available on the movie and TV
subscription service Netflix UK, as reviewed by film critic Tim Robey
Director: Phillip Noyce
Starring: Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe
Certificate: 12
Running time: 141 mins
In a nutshell: Still the best attempt to put Tom Clancy on screen,
this crackerjack spy thriller found Harrison Ford in a perfect zone of
being beleaguered but not yet past it. Super support from Henry Czerny
and Harris Yulin as duplicitous spooks. Jan 15 12:34AM

They wait for days, kill in an instant, then face the consequences.
Does Clint Eastwood's biopic of Iraq war hero Chris Kyle tell the
truth about life as an American Sniper?
Jim Gilliland had watched this scene in his crosshairs dozens of times
before. Seven hundred yards from his observation post overlooking a
battle-scarred Iraqi town, just beneath a wall daubed with the words
"Down USA", a passer-by had stopped next to a litter-strewn
roundabout, a known spot for planting roadside bombs. As the lone
figure crouched and started brushing away at a crater in the road,
Gilliland and his fellow sniper weighed up the odds.
Was it a member of the local insurgent cell, who were then unleashing
100 roadside bombs a month? Or could it be an innocent Iraqi, looking
for something in a pile of litter? As if the call wasn't tough enough,
another dilemma also loomed large. For the figure in the crosshairs
was dressed in a flowing black abbaya, the all-encompassing gown worn
by Iraq's womenfolk. To shoot an innocent man in Iraq would be bad
enough. To shoot an innocent female could spark an all-out uprising.
"We thought, 'we've got to be sure on this one'," recalls Gilliland,
who, with at least 65 confirmed kills to his name, was one of
America's top snipers in Iraq. "For a while we thought 'maybe there's
water in the crater and she is washing her hands'. Then she stood up
and walked away, but came back holding something in her hands. We
agreed that if she went right back to the crater, we were going to
shoot. But we looked at each other, and it was like 'man, if we get
this wrong, we are going to fry.'"
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