Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Jungle book , the young indian actor is just great , should have had
more than one song, the action may be a bit too intense for children
Fan , would advise no one to watch this movie. It actually has got a
good storyline and there is a never a dull moment and srk has really
done a marvellous job , the same as Kangana in Tanu weds Manu returns.
However it does not have songs and dances , and really they could have
inserted a couple in Dubronovik.
If Bollywood gives up its songs and dances and starts to ape Hollywood
, it will get crushed as all other national cinemas have been Apr 21 10:45AM

Ki and Ka , a man wants to become a husband supported by his working
wife. Initially she is supportive but as women will soon starts making
snide remark.
Loved the Delhi train museum with rail wagons you can get into , the
rail models in the living room. Thankfully there is no smoking , but
alcohol is excessive , dont know any Indian woman ordering double
whiskey on the rocks.
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