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On Friday, May 10, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, Ronny Singh wrote:
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> I hate Saif Ali Khan, so should you.
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Dalip Kumar is overated . i have watched ram or sham , ganga jamna , naya daur , dil diya dard liya , yahudi , azad - is a joke of afilm . Remeber this guy did only one or two films a year . Dilip like all older actors could not do action but thats hardly acting its just stuntmen . The actors with the most overarching expressions generally are confused as good. Dilip kumar can never be natural when happy . His happiness is limited and fake like amitabh's . Dilip kumar's anger is in his voice but will not show on his face . Watch Rajesh in Amardeep when he man handles Bindu or Intefaq etc and compare the voice will match his expressions. Dilip Kumar's sadness was ok In Black and white . He just happens to have a sad face when he is staring into the distance.In colour He would have been caught. Look at shakti or all his movies with subash ghai - I have never seen dilip show fear . Chk rajesh Khanna in safar or Bhola Bhala.He is only famous as tragedy king - which is pure overacting with the help of over the top makeup - ususally grows beard as amitabh has in old age and tears flowing intense staring into the distance or face buried in his head .What facial expressions did he use . His chheks are the same plain puffy without any definition regardless of whther he is happy sad or angry . The guy was pathetic as an actor but a great personality like amitabh, manoj kumar , shashi kapoor etc all decent actors but not great . Guru Dutt was another great or Balraj sahni , Rajesh khanna or sanjeeve kumar or nasirudin shah or kamla hassan . Govinda gives better comedic expressions in one scene than a dilip or amitabh will give you in a whole film . Rajesh khanna can go fom extremely happy to extremely sad in 30 seconds as can Amir Khan realistcally . Check out Sacha Jhootha - Meri Pyari behania banegi dulhania - song
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