Saturday, June 13, 2015

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New lessons in movie marketing
By G. Krishnakumar
The Hindu
Saturday, June 13, 2015
A simple behind-the-scenes video was used to popularise
award-winning film Crime No. 89
Award-winning filmmaker Sudevan seems to be offering
innovative lessons on marketing movies made on a shoe-
string budget. He explored the potential of releasing a
simple behind-the-scenes video on YouTube to popularize
his film, Crime No. 89, before it reached the theatres of
the Kerala State Film Development Corporation. The video
shows Sudevan and friends chalking out their marketing
plans on a paper, sitting in a dimly-lit room. They draw
up several plans to create interest about the movie but
finally end up deciding that mouth-to-mouth publicity is
the best option, as they do not have much to invest in
posters or advertising in print and visual media.
Even seasoned filmmakers who publicly lambast the so-
called 'new gen' themes seem to be running behind it on
the sly.
No wonder, a wannabe screenplay writer had the shock of
his life when one such filmmaker recently asked him to
write 'new generation' dialogues for his forthcoming
movie. The director, who had began his career as a
scriptwriter, had no doubt that the storyline would
appeal to the new generation, but needed the support of a
youngster to churn out fitting dialogues.
Forget the stances they take in public, but more and more
filmmakers seem to be rummaging for scripts, which they
believe could instantaneously connect with the young
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