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On Tuesday, April 9, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Achidna wrote:
> and expose. Some stupid Madhuri fan said to me that Rajkumar is the
> Mughal-e-Aazam of the 90's. I just gave him a look and didn't even bother
> to comment.
I think you're just being too hard on Madhuri. Why don't you realise the fact that Madhuri always overshadows her male co-stars in most of her movies? She stole the thunder from Anil Kapoor in Khel and Beta and again from Anil's brother (newcomer Sanjay Kapoor) in Raja. All you think about Madhuri is shaking her hips. She's a fine actress and Bollywood should be proud to get a gem like her. Feb 09 04:17PM -0800

On Wednesday, April 10, 1996 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Harin H. Dholakia wrote:
> hit, or good, for that matter. Of course I would just go to see it
> because of...yes, you guessed it, Madhuri! The music and dance aspect
> of the movie seem very good, too.
i think madhuri should have stayed away from movies like rajkumar, prem granth and yaraana. but i'm glad that atleast madhuri attempted a movie like mrityudand which showed her true potential. i also liked her avenging angel avatar in anjaam. it was quite rare for an actress in the 1990s to attempt a role like this but madhuri gave it a shot and it was worth it. however, i felt there was too much blood and gore which didn't go down well with the audience and the movie flopped. Feb 09 08:16AM -0800

On Wednesday, May 7, 1997 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, Muqudar wrote:
> felt.... She is the best... no doubt about it... if you have any comments
> please do email me... and please support your comments with good
> evidence.... thank you......
As mature adults, we should STOP comparing Sridevi with Madhuri. Both are brilliant actresses. Even both of them confessed that they are not rivals. And even if there's a rivalry between them, it's healthy. I think both Sridevi and Madhuri had the exceptional merit of carrying a film on their own shoulders. They never let themselves to be overshadowed by their heroes. They both were great dancers. Of course, as an individual, both Sridevi and Madhuri are different. I guess, Juhi Chawla can't dance like Sridevi or Madhuri but she's a wonderful actress. If Sridevi can pull off a Charlie Chaplin to perfection in Mr. India then Madhuri can brilliantly pull off the disguise of a fat, old woman in Raja. None is lesser than the other. Both of them are perfect in their own ways. Some people say that Sridevi enjoyed more success than Madhuri. This might be true due to the fact that Sridevi didn't have any tough contender in her time apart from Meenakshi Seshadri who was not even a regular at movies at that point of time. While Madhuri had a series of contenders like Juhi, Manisha Koirala, Kajol and even Karisma Kapoor at her time. But even then, Madhuri held herself well in movies that she did. I think we should stop being childish by pitting Madhuri against Sridevi. Both of them are gems!
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