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Shame on those who went overboard mocking her
Sunday, November 30, 2014
Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti Dec 01 08:02PM

Five years hard labour followed by indefinite imprisonment
until he repents and writes long essays respecting women
Islam cant be reformed as veiling is demanded by cruel non
existent allah , so its better for the whole populations to change
over to a different belief system
Video on youtube
Gauhar Khan has acted in about half a dozen films Continue reading the
main story
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Rocket Singh film review
Bollywood actress and model Gauhar Khan was slapped during the
shooting of a reality show by a member of the audience who admonished
her for wearing a short dress.
Police arrested a 24-year-old man for attacking the actress during the
shooting of India's Raw Star in Mumbai.
They quoted the man as telling Khan that "being a Muslim woman, she
should not have worn such a short dress".
Khan's attacker will be produced in court on Monday.
The incident took place on Sunday during the final episode of the
show, reports said.
"A preliminary probe has revealed that someone from the audience
started teasing Khan to which she protested. An argument ensued
between Gauhar and the man who was teasing her. Things turned ugly
when the man suddenly slapped the actor," The Hindustan Times quoted a
police official as saying.
Reports said security men present at the venue overpowered the man and
handed him over to the police.
Police have registered a case of assaulting a woman against Khan's
Khan has acted in about half a dozen films and was appreciated for her
role in Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year.
She won Bigg Boss, the Indian version of reality TV show Big Brother,
last year.
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Indian presenter and model Gauahar Khan was left audibly traumatised
after a member of the audience at a TV competition she was presenting
at got up and slapped her for wearing revealing clothes.
Akil Malik, 24, took offence at Khan's cutaway outfit as she presented
the grand finale of singing competition Raw Star at Film City in
Goregaon, Mumbai. He then got up out of his seat to threaten and
assault her live on air.
"Being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress,"
the Mumbai police quoted Malik as saying by way of explanation.
Malik was arrested and charged with molestation under Section 354 of
the Indian Penal Code.
Though quite how he managed to breach tight security and make it to
the stage to commit the offence remains to be clarified.

Despite the 2,500-strong people in the audience, and 250 guards
present in the studio, he was still able to break the cordon and
confront Khan as she was being escorted out of the venue.
According to Indian reports, Khan was left shaken by the incident, but
returned to the set an hour later to continue filming.
Malik is expected to appear in Boriwali Court today.
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Pakistani Actress Gets 26 Years In Jail For Fake TV Wedding
Angelina Jolie & Bollywood Targeted In Bodyshaming Article Dec 01 08:10PM Dec 01 08:14PM Dec 01 09:58AM -0800

Why is Smiling a Donation?

(And smiling to your brother is donation). This is what the greatest Prophet (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him) said and this is what the latest researches are discovering, so let's read ....
Researchers have studied about smiling influence on others. They have found that smiling contains strong information that can influence the human subconscious mind!
They found that everyone has his particular smile that no one can share with him. Moreover, every smile contains special effect, too. They photographed these smiles and showed it slowly, hence, they noticed some specific movements. Likewise, a person can have more than one kind of smiles, regarding his mental status, what is he speaking about and the person he is speaking to...

Some of the most important information of such researches, researches are talking about what you can give to others through the smile, because it is more than giving a material thing for the following reasons:
When smiling you can transmit joy to others, which is a sort of donation and which can be the most important. Studies showed that sometimes man may need joy and gladness more than food and drink. Also, that joy can treat many diseases starting by heart problems.
Through the smile you can transmit information to others very easily, because a word with a smile has more influence on the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging has shown that expression influence changes too much with a smile. The expression is the same , however, the influenced brain parts differ according to smile type accompanying this information or this expression.
You can calm an atmosphere stain of a given situation with a soft smile. This cannot be done with money. Hence, smile is worthier and more important than money. So, the less you can give to others is smile donation.
Smile and recovery: Many doctors have noticed smile influence on recovery. Therefore, some researches declare that the doctor's smile is a part of the treatment! Then, giving a smile to your friend, your wife or your neighbor, you are giving them a free remedy prescription without feeling, and this is a kind of donation.
For these reasons and others, smile is considered as a sort of donation, giving and generosity. And now dear reader, do you realize why did the prophet of compassion (All Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him) say: (and smiling to your brother is donation)!!
By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
· Smile -- And The World Can Hear You, Even If You Hide,, Jan. 16, 2008.

Thank you
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