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Bollywood is sizzling: Miami University's first Indian film festival
By Madeleine Mary Laplante-Dube
The Miami Student
November 4, 2014
Diwali Dances - The MU Indian Students Association
presented their annual Diwali Show Saturday in Hall
Auditorium. This year's theme was, "The Bachelor:
Destination India." Photo by Frank Roskam
The Center for American and World Cultures will be
hosting Miami's first Indian Film Festival starting
Tuesday, Nov. 4 and running until Nov. 7.
Set to show in 212 MacMillan Hall, each day of the week
will feature two to three different films, with each
showing beginning at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively. The
festival, "Women and Their Families: An Indian Lense,"
deals exclusively with issues involving women in India.
"We're looking at young women, middle aged women; we're
looking at women and their relationships with their
parents, their brothers, their sisters, their husbands,"
Mary Jane Berman, director of The Center or American and
World cultures and one of the coordinators for this
event, said. "We're looking at women facing modern day
situations in an India that's changing, an India that is
dropping many of its taboos."
While the eight films that will be shown during this
four-day event deal with challenges that women face in
India today, the films are anything but repetitive.
"These films are so diverse. When [students] come to at
least some of these films, they will be getting a good
glimpse of various issues," Lalita Satyal, a professor of
Hindi at Miami and co-coordinator of the festival, said.
"[Bollywood] seems to be everywhere. People are doing
henna, they're eating Indian food, they are loving
Bollywood dances; the whole world is caught up in the
Bollywood craze. India is so hot right now. Bollywood is
sizzling," Satyal added.
The festival is not solely about the films either.
"My most favorite part that I'm looking forward to are
the discussions that will go on after the films," Berman
"Producing, directing, screenwriting; yeah, there's not a
thing he doesn't do," Berman said.
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Om Shanti
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