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What a wonderful era will are living in to see movies like
this in glorious rich colours on the big screen,
Fantastic photography of Prague and Maldives and the London
Gherkin and Shimla. The stunts are out of this world . My favourite
is Katrina holding on to that dolphin like tube underwater , certainly
a fast way to swim!
Photography is pin sharp. Dont read the mad Jyotish negative
postings , go and watch this on the big screen. Pity they didnt
subtiltle the songs , the best part of Bollywood.
Story is about a guy who steals the Kohinoor diamond (every
kingdom that had it lost out , the Mughals , Sikhs , Brits, so there
is a pettition to give it to Pakistan!
Trailer on
How Hrithik-Katrina's Bang Bang Turned Into 140 Cr Affair – The
It is now confirmed, and comes straight from the horse's mouth. Fox
Star Studios has produced Bang Bang for a whopping budget of 140 crore
(including Prints & Advertising) hence giving it the status of one of
the costliest films ever made in Bollywood.
Here is the complete lowdown of what contributed to it, and whether a
lesser cost would have at all been justified.
Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif in a still from movie 'Bang Bang'
- Bang Bang has Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, two of the biggest
superstars of the country, in the lead. No prizes for guessing that
they are also two of the highest paid actors in the country. A good
chunk of moolah goes there.
- From Day One, the USP of some never-seen-before action is being
widely spoken about in not just the industry circles but also
audiences. A promise has been made that Bollywood would witness
something unique. Assurance comes from the fact that Hollywood action
director Andy Armstrong (The Amazing Spiderman 2) was roped in to
deliver these breath-taking, death-defying stunts. Creating this
spectacle definitely needed the best crew in the business or else it
would all have looked shoddy. Some of the notable action sequences
involved Hrithik driving a F1 car, perform water-ski after being tied
to a sea-plane and do the fly board stunts. While such sequences are a
first for any Bollywood star, needless to say that the cost incurred
on it is huge as well. Of course from the perspective of helping the
film gain good eye balls, the job is done, what with the visuals being
enticing enough for a big screen extravaganza.
- The very genre of the film, which is that of being an adventure
affair. With action-romance thrown in for good measure, the stars were
required to travel across the world so as to join the dots and solve a
mystery which forms the core of Bang Bang! The story travels through
Prague, US, Thailand and Greece amongst other countries and the idea
was to keep a non-compromising approach on the scale of the film while
giving the story its due.
- With big vision comes bigger risk – the adage couldn't have been
truer here! DirectorSiddharth Anand wanted to create something
larger-than-life and the producers too stuck their necks out to help
him achieve that. The film was accordingly granted its mammoth budget.
Says an insider, "Bang Bang is now the hottest film of 2014, a must
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