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* FUN WITH ANIMATION - What does it take to be an animator? What spectrums of
talent and elements of training are needed to produce these wonder-working '
actors with pencils'? - 1 messages, 1 author
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TOPIC: Try Latino brides in your area

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Date: Tues, Nov 30 2010 7:30 am

Real Latino brides are there

TOPIC: FUN WITH ANIMATION - What does it take to be an animator? What
spectrums of talent and elements of training are needed to produce these
wonder-working 'actors with pencils'?

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Date: Wed, Dec 1 2010 8:51 am
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Fun with animation

What does it take to be an animator? What spectrums of talent and
elements of training are needed to produce these wonder-working
"actors with pencils"? TEAM AVENUES answers these questions

The Pioneer
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyone knows about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry and
Stuart Little -- a few of the many animated characters that always
delight and entertain us. But do you know how these characters were
born and how it is possible to create wonders with the art of
drawing? The answer is animation -- one of the fastest growing and
most in-demand industry in the world. Multimedia and Animation are
among the major hunted jobs of the 21st century. Multimedia, alias
multiple media, as the name suggests, is an enormous field that uses
more than one medium of communication. It is an art that merges text,
images, graphics, animation, audio and video to create virtual magic.
Animation is only a component of multimedia.

Animation, which derived its name from the Latin word anima meaning
soul, can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character. A
blend of entertainment industry and technology, it is concerned with
design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich and
attractive multimedia clips. In other words, animation is about
making movies, games or cartoons by moving the drawings or models of
animals or people with the help of computers or other electronic
means. Time and space play a critical role in animation.


Training is the most essential and important aspect for the creation
of a skilled professional in the field of animation. To become an
animator, one doesn�t require any specific academic qualification.
Those with a basic sketching skills and a passion for animation can
enter this field.

For having better job prospects, it is advisable that one have a
degree or diploma in animation. Any graduate, preferably arts
graduates, can apply for Post Graduation in animation. Besides these
graduate and post graduate courses, there are several professional
courses that focus on various styles and techniques.

These courses, that is, courses in Traditional animation, Stop-motion
animation, Rotoscoping, Computer generated 3D and 2D animation, Clay-
mation, Photoshop, Human anatomy, Drawing, etc help one specialise in
a particular area. One should also have a basic knowledge in computer


A strong portfolio of work is an essential part of landing a job in
computer animation and becoming an animator. Numerous job
opportunities are available in India as well as abroad in the
exciting field of animation. It opens the door to film industries
such as Hollywood, which is the world of special effects and imagery
for films. Specialised computer knowledge and skills are essential
for various jobs in the field of animation. It is a booming industry
with wide job openings and one can work on full length animation
movies or any other related fields like television, advertising
industry etc. An animated feature film, which offers considerable
employment prospects, is a combined talented effort of a wide variety
of artists. A typical animation film requires around 500 animators.
Some of the jobs offered in the industry are:

o Content developer

o Modeler: Someone who makes the models for animation. They should
have a solid understanding of anatomy, form and volume

o Storybroad artist: Those with strong drawing skills could be
hired as storyboard artists who can visualise a sequence of events
from frame to frame

o Character animator: They bring characters to life and generally
have knowledge of traditional animation, stop-motion animation as
well as claymation

o Background artist: The background artist is the person who
specialises to paint the background of the characters and sets the
background for the project

o Layout artist: A layout artist is just like a cinematographer of
the animation project as they decide the lighting and camera angles

o 2D animators: This field involves creation of a high volume of
separate drawings that define a sequence

o Website designing, CD-Rom production, graphics designing and
three-dimensional product modeling are some other fields where
animators can gain employment.


Though entertainment through film and television is the main area of
application in this profession, animation is also needed in other
areas like business, sales, engineering, education and advertising.
It has chances in fashion designing and interior designing and even
in medical, legal and insurance companies for their presentations and

The gaming industry, that includes video and mobile games, are
looking forward to good animators. Some animation institutions
appoint students for teaching assistance, so they can make a career
in the teaching profession too. Animators could even find jobs at
print media and publishing firms. Freelance work is another option
for animators, particularly those specialising in web animation.

Where to study

Many institutes in India and abroad offer graduation and diploma
courses in animation. Some of them are:

o Manipal University, Bangalore
o Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida
o Academy of Animation Art and Technology, Kolkata
o Anitoons, the School of Animation, New Delhi
o Arena Animation, Hyderabad and Bangalore
o NID, Ahmedabad
o IDC, IIT Mumbai
o Institute of Design, Pune
o Toonz Animation Academy, Trivandrum
o MAAC, Centres across India

More at:

Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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