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Date: Tues, Oct 5 2010 3:36 pm
From: and/or (Dr. Jai Maharaj)

Cinema's Big Boss

The Pioneer
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rajnikanth sets big screen ablaze

Where on Earth would you find a 4 am film show packed with audience,
with many more viewers lined up for a 5 am screening? For that
matter, which film exhibitor would schedule films at those unearthly
hours? Well, sanity has to be kept aside when one deals with south
megastar Rajnikanth's blockbusters. If his previous exploits that had
the world gaping with astonishment as he dished out one mega-hit
after the other, sending fans into a swoon that could come only if
they had suddenly encountered an alien or god himself, wasn't enough,
we now have Endhiran (Robot in Hindi and Telugu), a Tamil film that
has kept film critics and bean counters busy since it released last
week in 3,000 screens worldwide. Needless to say, it will generate
several times more than the Rs 162 crore it cost to make. Even if one
leaves room for the south Indian penchant for loud performances and
glitzy décor, all of which are found in abundance in Rajnikanth's
films, there has to be more to explain the phenomenon that he has
become. Remember that he is no longer young; even at 60 years he is
hardly the stereotype of a swashbuckling youngster who defies gravity
when fighting a bunch of ruffians and generally trashes other laws of
science and logic in delivering whistle-blowing performances. Yet, if
the man continues to be reveled by millions and gets away with even
the absurd, it's because he has created an image of a do-gooder not
just on screen, but in real life as well. Rajnikanth's rise to
superstardom from being a bus conductor is the stuff legends are made
of, and well known. In the process, he has set new standards not just
in films but in real life as well. From all records he has remained a
down to earth person, not allowing the success, unmatched the world
over, to conquer him. He is a role model for aspirants and stands out
in a crowd of mediocres who already behave like they are god.
Rajnikanth, therefore, is a lesson in humility that one wishes lesser
accomplished people learnt. And, so, it is only appropriate that an
actor of his stature becomes a medium to reflect the far reaching
changes in Tamil films. From the basic Quick Gun Murugan type films,
the industry has matured to create Robot that uses the latest state
of art special effects seen in Hollywood films like Jurassic Park and
Avatar. Such is his persona that it can single-handedly trigger a new
wave in film making. He has raised the bar for quality in films
across the country.

The Rajnikanth phenomenon has also underlined the commendable role
being played by regional films in providing a direction and sense of
purpose to film making. As an out-and-out commercial film megastar,
if Rajnikanth has reached out through other language versions of his
films to a wide array of audience beyond the south, there are those
in other regional languages who are setting trends that the Hindi
film industry will do well to emulate. The role of the Bengali and
Malayalam film industries, led by legendary film makers, is much
documented. What we should watch out for -- as eagerly as we do for a
new Rajnikanth film -- is the progress of Bhojpuri films. In time to
come, as this industry comes to grips with quality, it could set a
new sort of trend. It already has a huge reach, and only needs a
Rajnikanth-like figure to propel it to the top.

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Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
Om Shanti

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Date: Wed, Oct 6 2010 10:49 am
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