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TOPIC: Jai Maharaj as demagog....was: his recent character assasination...

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Date: Thurs, Apr 29 2010 5:26 am
From: "Me, ...again!"

Hi Arindam, it is Thursday morning here, Got my morning coffee. Looks like
Maharaj was very busy spamming again, last night. More below....

On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, Arindam Banerjee wrote:

> On Apr 29, 11:31 am, "Me, ...again!" <> wrote:
>> On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, Arindam Banerjee wrote:
>>> Dear Straydog,
>>> The real question is, why isn't this fraud behind bars?  He breaks
>>> every rule in Usenet.
>> There are no "rules" in NGs, just "netiquette" and these days that is
>> gone, too.
>> However, why don't you write down the "rules" he breaks, and we can work
>> together on this. I'm serious.
> When I joined Usenet, I had to agree to certain rules as a
> precondition, so far as the ISP was giving me the service.

Yeah, but here are two facts as I've surmised: first, the ISPs almost
don't care what you do as long as its not hacking that ISP. The subscriber
money is more important than good netiquette. Second, I'm sure Maharaj is
running his own ISP and pays for a newsfeed (or gets his newsfeed by some
other arrangement) so he is boss; once your flow goes out, almost no ISPs
elsewhere really care. So that is how he gets away with it. And, if you
want to go further, then you'd have to launch litigation and that will
cost you nothing less than 4-6 figures in legal fees. The other approach
is to hack his boxes and you have to know how to do it, not get caught,
and have a lot of persistence. I know some details about this, but won't
post them openly here.

> spamming, no excessive posting, no breach of IP like the cut and
> pastes jBm does, no posting material you have not written save within
> accepted limits of propriety, etc.

There is a very large amount of this going on, already, even by pretty
innocent people. Just look on alt.politics.economics, for example. NG
copy-paste doesn't hurt the mainstream media that much because 99% of
internet traffic is http, and not nntp. Music sharing is probably ftp, and
the music industry has been suing the asses off these guys, too. And,
putting copy protections on, getting people pissed, too.

In other words, these were quasi-
> legal requirements demanded by the ISP all of us have to obey. Now
> this jBm has been breaking these rules flagrantly, over years and
> years.

I was having trouble with a guy on acc. Calling me names and then one day
he started putting _my_ name in the "from" field in the headers. That is
use of my name without my permission, fraud, and more. I sent an abuse
complaint both by email and physical letter. So far, no response. I could
hire a lawyer and then I'd get an answer. But, I've heard of this before.
Again, its not what is right or wrong, but if you have enough money to
_buy_ your "freedom" to do something. If this guy on acc continued to give
me the trouble, then I'd be looking for a lawyer.

>>> He must have strong protection somewhere.
>> Part of it is "freedom of speech." FoS is nice, but he abuses it, too.
> His ISP is very blind. I am sure many must have complained. It is
> not his freedom of speech, but abuse of speech.

Demagogery, demonization and all those "Adolf Hitler" techniques you can
find in books that deal with the practical psychology of manipulation,
cult formation, and defects in human thinking, and other psychologies. If
you take ignorant-superstitious-gulible-unsophisticated people (such as
are found almost everywhere, even on NGs) and play your cards right, you
will get at least some following, sooner or later. Maybe even more, faster
in 3rd world places.

Massive posting of
> irrelevant material, deliberate provocation, character assassination,
> lies and intimidation - these do not amount to freedom of speech.

I was mildly offended with his "Hindu supremacy" post some time back, but
when he sellectively attacked Christian priest sex abuse and totally
ignored Hindu priest sex abuse cases that could be easily found by Google,
then I knew that this guy was a nut-case. Then, I did a Google search on
"Maharaj FAQ" and found several. The descriptions were accurate. So, we
have, basically, an enemy of the people, and an enemy of the public good.

> Especially when he targets well-known and open individuals, who do not
> hide under fake names, such as ourselves.

Its a gestapo intimidation smear tactic. And, there is so much fear of
"exposing" real names, and it is such a fear of this vulnerability and he
knows he can do this and get away with it, and so it is hard to fight the
guy except the way I am doing it, and you are helping by not being
intimidated. So, if there are any reasonable people out there, this should
reinforce "our side" of the conflict.

It is simply intolerable
> that these cowards attack those with a reputation.

I know. We had this guy McCarthy decades ago who struck fear in our govt
and then when the guy couldn't back up his claims, he just fell like a hot

A lot of people don't like Maharaj and for all of the counter-bashing that
I am doing, it is interesting that there is not a groundswell of support
for jBm from his followers. Otherwise, I'd be mobbed off these NGs by tons
of anti-me posts. I don't see them, so, ...Maharaj is really posting to a
black hole.

Had he been
> anything worth suing, I would have dragged him to the courts for
> defamation.

Simple name-calling probably won't do it. Real slander/defamation would
have to show that he has harmed you, financially or with serious mental
depression, need a lot of testimony from psychiatrists, etc.

>> The rest is his gestapo intimidation process.
>>> If there aren't laws existing to put these sorts behind bars, or
>>> asylums, they should be made.
>> It's pretty hard to sue for lies unless the lies can be translated into
>> dollar sign values. After all, you can find a lot of lies in the media,
>> too. Just ask any Republican and he will say he tells the truth, its the
>> Democrats that lie. Then ask a Democrat....get same answer: its the
>> Republicans that lie.
> Well, in my case, he has been saying I got my engineering degree
> fraudulently, and that I am a communist.

He has never explained his own "Dr." before his name. I'll be glad to give
the details on my PhD, but no one askes. He is a hypocrit and bigot.

These are damned lies, made
> with a view to demean me and my work in the eyes of a gullible
> public.

Yes, but if you look for a job and the next employer checks with your
degree granting institution, then jBm's claim can't hurt you. If the
employer pays some private detective to get the dirt on you, then they
find this shit by jBm, and if they read it carefully and find out where
its coming from, and if they know your past history and a lot of India was
very communist decades ago, I hardly think it will hurt you. What the
hell, we've got 100,000 Chinese (communist) kids in US colleges, lots of
Chinese working in all kinds of jobs in the USA. Think their past is
hurting them?

He loudly tells these lies, and when I retaliate, he picks
> out some expressions from them and then loudly says that I am abusive.

Yeah, he is a hypocrit. You're doing nothing wrong. Nothing.

> As if self-defense was the same as being abusive! Since the jBm is a
> shadowy entity, he cannot be caught easily.

I have another notion: "Jai Maharaj" is not just aka Jay Stevens, it may
be an alias and that means maybe we're dealing with three identities, the
third of which, the "real" person is yet to be identified, let along the
three way connection. This is why I posted the "foreign agents" piece.

Our FBI, etc. should be following these people.

But the US authorities
> should do something about this. This guy is seriously bad for the
> image of Hindus, as he misrepresents Hinduism.

Yeah, I know that, too. And, his sellective anti-Christian attitude would
be a hate crime if there were a national hate crime law (I'd have to look
this up), but most hate crimes are local. We have one in our neighborhood
and they do prosecute people, fine them, and put them in the clink for
some period.

Hinduism does not need
> the "support" of shadowy criminal entities as this jBm.

I would think not, too.

Otherwise, jBm is an example where freedom of speech lets the monsters get
away with murder. Alternative? Take away freedom of speech? I'd rather
keep it and try to deal with the monsters like JBm.

See you tommorrow? I'll be busy for most of today.


>>   Usenet is a very public technology, and
>>> can be used for many productive purposes.  Spammers, liars and abusers
>>> like the jBm have no place here.
>> Well, I agree with you on that.
>> /////////////////////////
>>> Cheers,
>>> Arindam Banerjee
>>> On Apr 29, 8:45 am, "Me, ...again!" <> wrote:
>>>> Hello Arindam,
>>>> More than a great fool, Jai Maharaj (aka Jay Stevens) makes every mistake
>>>> in rhetoric, logic, fairness all in the name of demagogery, demonization,
>>>> character assassination, ad hominems, taking material out of context,
>>>> misrepresenting history, innuendo, propaganda, hype, hoopla, and
>>>> hucksterism. His purpose is destructive, inflamatory, and manipulative.
>>>> I find it amazing that he makes a big deal out of what you wrote which
>>>> seemed to me to be a general matter-of-fact overview of the West Bengal
>>>> culture and life. Communism? What the hell, all of India (and China, and
>>>> most/most of SE Asia and Russia) was more communist a few decades ago so
>>>> if you were born there, you had little choice but to grow up under it.
>>>> He pulls off this same crap on me, too, so don't feel like you are alone.
>>>> So, just a little earlier, I posted _MY_ interpretation of one of his very
>>>> recent posts. You may look for it on s.c.i (plus a.f.j-m, and others).
>>>> I had a great lunch today with friends.
>>>> /////////////////////////////
>>>> On Wed, 28 Apr 2010, Arindam Banerjee wrote:
>>>>> All that jBm manages to show is that he is a really great fool, as he
>>>>> screams that I am a "commie".  Still, to give him his due, he has not
>>>>> interpolated what I wrote.
>>>>> On Apr 28, 11:30 pm, and/
>>>>> Jai Maharaj) wrote:
>>>>>> In his own words, Arindam Banerjee's communist-plus education and Muslim influence
>>>>>> Excerpt begins:
>>>>>> "W. Bengal is atheist and communist, and most people in W. Bengal and
>>>>>> Bangladesh who speak Bengali are Muslims. So, anti-Hinduism (to
>>>>>> various degrees) is something institutional there, and has been for
>>>>>> decades. It was under British rule that Hindu culture flourished
>>>>>> somewhat, but after the mid sixties with the rise of Communism
>>>>>> (supported by the poor refugees from East Bengal, and that caused by
>>>>>> the evil national politicians who bungled the partition issues)
>>>>>> everything Hindu in WB went downhill. I was lucky to be brought up in
>>>>>> Bihar, where I had proper animistic/Hindu/Hindi/Sanskrit/Jesuit/
>>>>>> Communist/English/Scientific education influenced by the company of
>>>>>> some Muslim friends and teachers, and now I am living in Melbourne!
>>>>>> "In the historic sense, Bengal has been Buddhist-Islamic for a very
>>>>>> long time. Many people took up a peaceful form of Islam, propagated
>>>>>> by Arab traders, from the tenth century, as an addition or
>>>>>> alternative to animism or Buddhism. So when Iktiyar ud din Bakhtiyar
>>>>>> Khalji landed up around 1200, he found the population to be Islamic
>>>>>> so he did not carry out the mass slaughters as was the custom
>>>>>> elsewhere in India. So Bengal and Kerala are a few of those places in
>>>>>> India were spared the evil of invasion, and genuine Hindu culture
>>>>>> still remains there among certain minority groups, that includes
>>>>>> moi."
>>>>>>  - Arindam Banerjee  January 16th, 2009 5:29 pm
>>>>>> End of excerpt from:
>>>>>> Jai Maharaj, Jyotishi
>>>>>> Om Shanti
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TOPIC: Housefull - superb comedy , English subtitles

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Date: Fri, Apr 30 2010 4:24 pm

Wonderful wonderful comedy. Bollywood at its brilliant best.
The scene with the tiger is not trick photography. Original story of a
guy who is a jinx, so much so that casinos hire him when the punters
are winning too much.
The erotic dance at the honeymoon ,

the top class music , great acting by Akhsay and Lara Dutta a real
life miss world. Its all so good that this is going be one of the
biggest block busters ever.


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Date: Fri, Apr 30 2010 4:33 pm

More great song trailers
Oh girl


Oh girl


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